Klimmek's Supplies is a miscellaneous quest item in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The supplies are needed atop the mountain, but Klimmek is unable to make the trip as past trips are starting to take their toll on his legs.


In Ivarstead, the Dragonborn may meet a man named Klimmek. Klimmek gives the Dragonborn the miscellaneous quest to take supplies to the Greybeards atop High Hrothgar. The supplies appear in the inventory once the quest is accepted and must be deposited in an empty chest at the Greybeards' sanctuary.

When the Dragonborn reaches High Hrothgar, before ascending the steps to enter the building, there will be an altar in the center between two stairs with a chest and various flowers and sacks around it.

After delivering the supplies, the Dragonborn may return to Klimmek to receive a leveled amount of gold, the lowest being 500 GoldIcon.


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  • After completing the quest, the supplies can be removed from the chest. However, it will still be treated as a quest item, and cannot be dropped. It will have to be put it back inside the chest. (After completing the quest it can be dropped, but will remain in place.)
  • When dropped, it does not appear as a knapsack, but as a large sack container. It floats in the air when dropped.
    • This can be exploited if the Dragonborn jumps on top of the sack, picks it up, jumps upwards, and then places it down again to rise higher. This can be repeated infinitely.


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