For other uses, see Knights of the Nine.

A Knight of the Nine is a generic NPC that replaces one of the named Knights of the Nine that dies. They wear a set of light armor, including; chainmail boots, gauntlets, greaves, and helmet, a Knight of the Nine Cuirass, shield and leveled longsword or bow with silver arrows.


Race Ref ID Base ID Replaces Image
Redguard xx001a8f xx000f5b Sir Avita Generic1Kotn
Nord xx001a8e xx000f5a Sir Areldur Generic2Kotn
Imperial xx001a8d xx000f59 Sir Thedret Generic3Kotn
Imperial xx001a8c xx000f58 Sir Carodus Generic4Kotn
Imperial xx001a8b xx000f57 Sir Geimund Generic5Kotn
Orsimer xx001a8a xx000f56 Sir Gukimir Generic6Kotn
Dunmer xx001a89 xx000f55 Sir Lathon Generic7Kotn
Nord xx001a88 xx000f54 Sir Brellin Generic8Kotn


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