Shield of True Horn

A Shield of True Horn, bearing the standard of the Knights of the True Horn

The Knights of the True Horn, or the Order of the True Horn, are a knightly faction primarily made up of Imperials and Redguards. The faction made its first appearance in the Fighter's Stronghold add-on for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

The Order had its roots in the Iliac Bay region of Hammerfell, although it later moved to north-western Cyrodiil, and was most active towards the end of the Third Era. The headquarters of the Order was Battlehorn Castle, which came under the stewardship of the Hero of Kvatch when the Order was all but decimated.


The knights had their origins in a splinter faction of the Host of the Horn, a large mercenary group which applied the iron fist of the tyrannical Baron Shrike of Lainlyn. The leader of the rebel knights was Lord Kain, the younger brother of Baron Shrike, who believed themselves to be the rightful bearers of the horn; and whose rebellion was ultimately unsuccessful.[1]

Battlehorn Castle

The exterior of Battlehorn Castle, headquarters of the Order in the Colovian Highlands.

Lord Kain's retainers went into exile and crossed over the border to the Colovian Highlands of Cyrodiil to regroup there, and began to await the arrival of Lord Kain and reinforcements. The knights under Lord Jaren began the construction of Battlehorn Castle as a refuge, at the end of the Black Road close to the border. Peace was eventually restored to Lainlyn when Uriel Septim VII removed Baron Shrike from power, although Lord Kain had seemingly disappeared, and his knights-in-exile at Battlehorn had not heard from him.[2]

Around the same time as the Oblivion Crisis, the faction had fallen on hard times and had dwindled to a handful of men, and a group of marauders took the opportunity to attack Battleborn Castle, now under the leadership of the late Lord Jaren's son, Lord Kelvyn. Kelvyn managed to get a message out for help to relieve the siege, which was answered by none other than the Hero of Kvatch himself. However, although the siege was lifted, Lord Kelvyn fell in the battle, leaving the castle to the Hero of Kvatch in his last will and testament.

The Hero of Kvatch saw to it that Battlehorn Castle was restaffed and restored to its former glory, but not before discovering a necromancer and the undead Lord Kain sealed up in the grotto beneath the castle (as sealed there by Lord Jaren[3]), and putting them to final rest.[4]


  • Although the player cannot technically join this faction, the Hero does becomes de facto leader of the faction upon completion of the associated quest, allowing for the acquisition of the castle as a home, and for the upgrading and restaffing of Battlehorn Castle.



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