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Knights of the White Stallion is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. After the "Mazoga the Orc" quest, Count Marius Caro of Leyawiin will offer this. The objective is to locate Black Brugo's location and kill him. Mazoga the Orc will accompany the Hero and tell them the location.


After they have killed the Black Bow Bandits and Black Brugo, the Count of Leyawiin will grant them the Title of Knight-Errant of the White Stallion and the Leyawiin Shield. They also get the key to the lodge and so does Mazoga.


Mazoga the Orc will tell the Hero that Black Brugo will be at the ruins of Telepe and that she will follow them when they are ready. Brugo will only be there on Middas from midnight until 6 am.


Follow the map to the ruin — Black Brugo is supposed to be there after midnight. There is a bandit that will shoot arrows at them from the top of the ruin, so kill him first (it is possible that there is also a bandit hedge wizard in front of the ruin). Enter the ruin and they will fight Black Brugo, his friends Roxy Aric and Alonzo, and several other bandits.

It is a tough battle so be sure to bring healing potions (and a heal other spell for Mazoga). Brugo carries a key, which allows them to explore the rest of the ruins and loot anything found. Once they have killed him, return to the Count for the reward. He will reward them with the title of Knight-Errant, and bestow you with a key to the White Stallion Lodge.

The count will also offer 100 GoldIcon for each Black Bow they have retrieve thereafter.


After becoming a knight, Mazoga will go on patrol to root out more Black Bow Bandits. She also will not take any of the Hero's loot. It is possible for her to die on this mission, or afterward.

The lodge has little else but two beds and a chest.


Journal Entry
  • Update: Upon receiving the quest:

Count Marius Caro of Leyawiin has offered to make Mazoga and myself Knights-Errant of the White Stallion if we find and kill the Orc named Black Brugo, chieftain of the Black Bow Bandits.

  • Update: After speaking to Marius Caro about Black Brugo:

To locate Black Brugo, the Count suggested I should ask Mazoga, who might have contacts among outlaws.

  • Update: After speaking to Mazoga:

Mazoga knows Black Brugo, and has a plan to ambush him. Black Brugo visits his gang's hideout to collect his share of the loot every night between midnight and six in the morning. The hideout is an Ayleid ruin west of Leyawiin called Telepe. Mazoga offered to help me find and kill Black Brugo. She will wait in the Castle Hall until I ask her to follow me.

  • Update: After telling Mazoga to follow:

Mazoga was reluctant to betray a former associate, but she says, sooner or later, Black Brugo visits a hideout west of Leyawiin called Telepe.

  • Update: After killing Black Brugo:

Black Brugo is dead. I must report to Marius Caro and become a Knight-Errant of the White Stallion.

  • Update: After returning to Marius Caro:

The Count praised us for killing Black Brugo. He has made Mazoga and me Knights-Errant of the Order of the White Stallion, and has given us guard's shields bearing the heraldry of Count Leyawiin, and keys to White Stallion Lodge on the western shores of the Niben River. The Count also asked us to find and kill any remaining members of the Black Bow Bandits, and promised a bounty of 100 gold for every Black Bow we deliver to him.

  • Quest complete


  • Additional rewards can be gained by collecting Black Bows and returning them to Count Marius Caro.
  • Also search Black Brugo's body for a key, then go into the room with the destroyed column. Look into each corner to find a button, press it then go into the hall. The door will be open, so go into that room and open the coffer with the key. Inside is 300 GoldIcon and a handwritten note.


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  •  PC   Black Brugo may not appear at Telepe. Sometimes he will spawn slightly north of the ruins but will not move. If he is nowhere to be found, one can enter Prid 00062C78 into the console window, followed by MoveTo Player, in order to fix the issue.

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