Kohnu is a character who appears in An Elder Scrolls Novel: Lord of Souls. He was an Umbrielian working in Toel's kitchen.[1]


He is described as a funny man, always telling little self-effacing jokes and clowning about with the produce.


Kohnu is badly burned while distilling phlogiston. Chef Toel asked Annaïg to prepare some remorse out of horse brain. Annaïg questioned that a horse could feel remorse, so Toel offered Kohnu's brain instead. Annaïg showed her disapproval, for Kohnu was still alive. However, healing him would take much time and resources, and she could not disobey Toel.[1]

Annaïg later admits to Mere-Glim that she feels remorse for Kohnu's fate. If she had not complained about the horse brain, he would probably be alive.



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