Kor is a Nord assassin member of the Dark Brotherhood. He is found at their sanctuary on the Gold Coast.

Kor is the one responsible for Hildegard joining the Brotherhood. Acting as her only friend and protector, he brought her to the sanctuary to keep her from causing harm to herself and others due to her lycanthropy.



Show: Welcome Home

"New-Sister (New-brother)! Welcome! Welcome! You need anything, anything at all, you come to me, yes?"

The Matron suggested I meet the rest of the family. "Of course! It's important to get to know everyone. You're part of the family now. And family helps each other. It's what we do."
Why do you have a werewolf in that cage? "Oh, that's not a werewolf. Well, I guess it is. But it's also little Hildegard. She's really sweet, but you'll need to say hello later. She still doesn't have the hang of controlling her transformations."
Hildegard sounds like she has an interesting story. (Hildegard sounds like an interesting person. What's her story?) "Hildegard is like the little sister I never had, but her true family was awful. They drank the blood of were-beasts! It's a dangerous practice, but not entirely unheard of in Nord lands. They even forced their children to participate."
Is that how Hildegard became a werewolf? "We assume so. But as to why she can't control her transformations, that remains a mystery. She lost control one day and hurt another member of the tribe. They cursed her and she ran away. I found her later. She was confused, alone, and nearly mad."
You're lucky she didn't attack you. "I'm a skilled hunter. Taming animals is almost second nature to me. It took time, but she came to trust me. Accepted me as her big brother. Before that happened, though, she nearly tore my face off. See? I still have the scar."
Tell me about yourself, Kor. "I always liked to hunt and fight. I became a soldier, but that turned out to be more about waiting around than actual battle. So I sold my sword as a mercenary, made some enemies, and soon found that the other sellswords were being paid to kill me."
Looks like you survived. "Indeed I did! Kept a low profile in town, spent most of my time in the wilderness. I almost decided to stop running and then I found little Hilde.

She became my reason to go on living."

How did two Nords end up in a Brotherhood Sanctuary on the Gold Coast? "Well, you know, there are some things we just don't talk about in the public. I hope you understand.

I will tell you that we love it here. We're part of the best family in the whole world. And we're glad to have you with us! I'm sure Hilde agrees!"

Show: Questions of Faith

"Ah, friend, am I glad to see you. It's Hildegard. She never came back after she went to say a prayer for Tanek. I think I could use your help."

How long has Hildegard been missing? "After Tanek was injured during the Grand Sermonizer incident, Hilde went to pray for him and I haven't seen her since. No one has! It's not like Hilde to just disappear without saying a word to me or Astara."
Where does Hildegard usually go to pray? "She loves temples, but the trouble in Kvatch has made her avoid the big Cathedral. Lately she's been visiting the Great Chapel of Dibella in Anvil. I think the rituals soothe her. Will you come to Anvil and help me find Hildegard?"
I'll help you find Hildegard. "I'll meet you at the Chapel in Anvil. Hopefully, we'll find Hilde curled up and sleeping under Dibella's statue. Just be careful when you get to the city. The Pirate Queen hates the Brotherhood almost as much as the Sermonizers do."
Has Hildegard gone missing before? "She likes to commune with the Divines and with nature. And she takes on contracts like the rest of us, so it's not that unusual for her to be away from the Sanctuary. But with the recent attacks against us, I can't help but imagine the worst."
You think something may have happened to Hildegard? "I hope she's all right, but who knows what to think when the world turns upside down? Someone's been murdering the murderers! If Hildegard has been hurt—or worse—I don't know what I'll do."
What's the deal with you and Hildegard? "What are you implying, Initiate? Hilde is like a sister to me. Ever since I found her, I've been trying to help her come to grips with her situation. She may be a werewolf, but she's a good person. The Brotherhood is lucky to have her."
Hard to believe the Brotherhood tolerates a werewolf in its midst. "Why is that so hard to believe? She's an excellent tracker and a ruthless killer in werewolf form. Sometimes she brings body parts she's still gnawing on, but who hasn't gotten lost in the moment a time or two? And I always clean up the mess."
Why does the Pirate Queen hate the Dark Brotherhood? "The Pirate Queen hates everything she can't control. The Count of Kvatch. The Primate. Us. She wants to rule the entire Gold Coast, but we're not willing to just roll over and give in to her demands. We're independant and we like it that way."

Before interviewing the worshippers in the Chapel:

"Hilde isn't here. Where could she be? I'm certain this is where she was headed when she left the Sanctuary. Let's ask around and see if anyone saw her. Hopefully someone can point us in a new direction."

Do you think anyone in here can really help us? "I certainly hope so. Hilde is pretty distinctive. After all, how many young Nord women with flowers in their hair could there be in Anvil? And visiting a chapel, no less! Ask around and see if you can find anything."

After speaking to all of the worshippers:

"Troll's blood, can these people gossip! They're worse than the Rat Master's informants, and he pays them to dredge up secrets! Hilde was here, but no one could say where she went or when. Tell me you had better luck, Initiate."

A woman saw Hildegard speaking with Chanter Nemus before she fled in tears. "A Chanter spoke with Hilde? That's not what I wanted to hear! Understand, Hilde isn't like us. She grew up in the wild. The idea of being civilized is really new to her. And she still feels guilty about the wolf that's inside her."
You think the Chanter said something to upset her? "It certainly sounds that way to me. It doesn't take much to take her guilt about what she's done as a wolf into self-loathing. I'm constantly trying to get her to change her feelings on the matter, but her beliefs run deep."
Any idea where she'd go in such a state of a mind? "Back to where it all began. Back to Skyrim. I'll check at the docks to see if she's tried to secure passage on the ship. You go talk to the caravan master. Hopefully one of us will discover which root she took to go back to where the wolf was born."
I'll talk to the caravan master.

Before departing to Jerall Mountains:

"The news about the Silver Dawn has [sic] [Do not change this to have. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.] made me even more concerned about Hilde's safety. We have to hurry!"

What was that about the Silver Dawn? "The Silver Dawn are werewolf hunters! Whatever that Chanter said to Hilde has made her run back to the wilderness where I found her, and now a hunting party is on her tail. They're going to kill her, Initiate!"
Not if we reach her first.

Back in Anvil:

"Thank you for saying such kind words to Hilde. I know she's taken your words to heart. You did good, Initiate. I'm glad you're one of us now. (I appreciate your help, but I think you were too hard on Hilde. She knows she was tricked by that religious fool. She won't let it happen again.)"

You need to make sure Hildegard gets to the sanctuary safely. "I know. And I will. I'm just not eager to see Astara. She won't be pleased when she hears about this. I wish I knew what Chanter Nemus hoped to accomplish. Someone needs to stick a fork in him and call him done. Anyway, we'll see you back home."



Kor: "Do you remember the first contract we took together? That High Elf Matron from Summerset?"
Mirabelle Motierre: "I remember you putting poison in five different dinner glasses because you didn't know which one was hers."
Kor: "And then she called for a toast! What was it she said?"
Mirabelle Motierre: "To our health and family, may they last for countless generations."
Kor: "The look on their faces before they all dropped? It really took the sting away from splitting our cut."

Kor: "Why back to Skyrim? What brought this on?"
Hildegard: "Just for a few weeks."
Kor: "Matron willing, I'll join you. But why?"
Hildegard: "I want to hunt like I am now. Not by instinct. I want everyone to know I am a part of this family."
Kor: "Of course, Hilde. We'll take the contract together."

Kor: "I think Hildegard may be ready for more … complex contracts."
Astara Caerellius: "She can control when she changes?"
Kor: "No, but I believe she and the wolf inside her have reached an understanding."
Astara Caerellius: "I'll think about it."
Kor: "Good. I'll look for contracts that require the body to disappear completely."

After "Filling the Void":

Tanek: "That was a battle for the ages! And I never got to kill someone in a Cathedral before."
Kor: "For all the harm he caused us, I feel a little sorry for Primate Artorius."
Tanek: "How could you feel sorry about that barnicle [sic] [Do not change this to barnacle. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.] on a mudcrab after all he did to us?"
Kor: "I feel sorry because he only got to die once. We should have killed him at least four times for what he did."
Tanek: "I'm not sure you're really understanding the concept of empathy on this one, Kor."

Show: A Lesson in Silence

Hildegard: "The Grand Sermonizer is at it again, Matron."
Kor: "Those loud-mouthed fanatics! It's time to teach them a lesson about the blessings of silence!"
Astara Caerellius: "Enough! I'll decide how we respond to these malign sermons."
Astara Caerellius: "Initiate, I have a task for you."

After accepting the contract:

Kor: "Initiate, I have my own contract in Kvatch. I'll join you and Tanek as soon as I'm finished."
Hildegard: "Three blades on the same contract? Is that wise, Matron?"
Astara Caerellius: "Just make sure the Grand Sermonizer dies, Initiate. That's my chief concern."

In the interrogation room:

Tanek: "I'm just going to sit here and see who comes for me first, Sithis or Tall-Papa."
Kor: "Tanek! Are you just planning to lay down and die?"
Tanek: "They knew we'd come for Cimbar. Trapped his body with some kind of foul death magic."
Kor: "Get up, you milk-drinker! Sithis still has work for you to do."
Kor: "Initiate! The Grand Sermonizer is yours! I'll get Tanek home."

In the Sanctuary:

Kor: "Don't worry, Tanek. A cask of mead and you'll be back on your feet in no time!"
Tanek: "Ech. Your mead tastes like bee vomit. I'll pass."
Hildegard: "Tanek, I hate that this happened to you!"
Tanek: "You worry more than the Matron, Hildegard. I'll be as good as new before you know it. Ah, New-blade has arrived. Give us the room if you would, Kor."
Kor: "Certainly, Tanek, but I still expect you to be completing contracts again in a few days."
Tanek: "I'll do my best not to disappoint you."
Hildegard: "Take your time, Tanek. I'm going to say a prayer for your quick recovery."

Show: Questions of Faith

Kor: "Caravan master, please! The young woman with a flower in her hair. She's in terrible danger!"'
Bilami the Caravaneer: "Well look at you! You must be the brother!"
Kor: "So you did see Hildegard! Please, you need to tell us where she's gotten to."
Bilami the Caravaneer: "You're all she talked about, other than begging me for transport. Said she was going to miss you most of all."
Kor: "Word on the docks was that the Silver Dawn was looking for my sister, too. We need to know where she went."
Bilami the Caravaneer: "The young woman wanted a ride to the Jerall Mountains. Sent her on the last wagon, but I can take you there if that would help."
Kor: "We'd appreciate that. Thank you"

Show: The Wrath of Sithis

After the quest:

Tanek: "So the New-blade brought down the Black Dragon? And I didn't expect you'd survive your first contract!"
Hildegard: "All our Brothers and Sisters murdered. But we're safe now, right? The Black Dragon's dead."
Astara Caerellius: "The Assassin ended the threat of the Black Dragon, but we won't be safe until Artorius joins her in the Void."
Hildegard: "But the Primate speaks for Akatosh! Isn't that blasphemy?"
Kor: "It can't be blasphemy if we don't adhere to that religion, Hilde"
Tanek: "I want to plunge my dagger into him, once for every Brother and Sister he killed."
Astara Caerellius: "Artorius will die. You have my word on that. And you'll each have a hand in the slaying. Now move. We have preparations to make."

Show: Filling the Void

Kor: "That was … intense. Glad you showed up when you did."
Hildegard: "There you are, Kor! Did you need to stop and rest again?"
Kor: "I never rest when there's trouble around! We dealt with the big monster, and now I'm taking a break."


Welcome Home
  • "It's all right, little one. Just a new smell. Your new brother or sister must be here! Don't you want to meet them?" – When approached for the first time
  • "Come on now, Hilde. Don't be shy …."
  • "Sorry. She can be skittish around strangers."
A Lesson in Silence
  • "I can't believe Cimbar is dead. And Tanek would've met the same fate if not for you." – After defeating the Grand Sermonizer Fithia
Questions of Faith
  • "Hilde's not here. Let's ask around and see if any of the worshippers saw her." – After entering the Chapel
  • "If the caravan master hasn't seen her, meet me at the docks. Otherwise, I'll meet you over there. Now, hurry, Initiate. Hurry!" – Before leaving the Chapel
  • "Let's get moving. We can't let those Silver Dawn bastards find Hilde before we do." – Before going to Jerall Mountains
  • "It's me, Hilde, your big brother! Calm down. We're here to help." – After finding Hildegard
  • "Remember yourself. Remember who you are."
  • "That's good, little sister. Very good. Breathe. Relax."
  • "I've calmed Hilde down, but there's still so much we don't know about what happened and what she was thinking. You should talk to her, Initiate. But be gentle. We've all had quite a day." – After calming Hildegard
  • "Let's get back to Anvil. I'm done with this place."
  • "You're going after the Chanter? Excellent! If I didn't have to get Hilde back to the Sanctuary, I'd go with you. I'd love to give the Chanter a piece of my mind. And by that, I mean kill him. Make his pain last, Initiate, for a long, long time."
  • "You helped bring Hilde back. I owe you for that. Thank you." – In the Sanctuary
A Special Request
  • "You've proven yourself time and time again, my friend. I've gone from worrying that you might fall to the Black Dragon to believing you might just be the one to obtain vengeance for us all. Dread Father guide your blade." – After the quest
Dark Revelations
  • "Don't blame yourself for what happened to Mirabelle. Her grief drove her into a blind rage. It made her reckless. We can't let ourselves fall into the same trap, no matter how we feel. Stay focused and keep moving forward." – After the quest
A Ghost from the Past
  • "Sounds like you and Venom had quite the adventure. So the Black Dragon was one of us, huh? Makes a certain amount of sense, given how she's been able to take us down so easily. Damn it! All the more reason to gut her like a swine." – After the quest
The Wrath of Sithis
  • "The Black Dragon, killed by our Assassin's hand. I knew she wouldn't be able to take you down! Sad we lost another Brother, but at least that threat has been dealt with. And soon we'll visit Artorius and put an end to this whole sordid affair." – After the quest
Filling the Void
  • "Hilde, wait! Hilde! Hildegard!"
  • "By all the ice in Eastmarch, she's fast when she's furry."
  • "Hildegard, which way did you …." – In the chamber with Wamasu Matriarch
  • "Ow! That smarts! I'll deal with the little ones. You take care of their mother!"
  • "Don't stand on the metal grate!" – When the Vestige stands on the metal grate
  • "I look forward to working with you again, Silencer. Perhaps we could share a murder spree sometime soon, yes?" – After the ceremony
  • "Silencer! Well look at you! I figured Tanek or Mirabelle would achieve that rank first, but there's no denying you deserve it. Just don't expect me to bow or anything."
  • "Look at you, a Silencer! The Speaker must be so proud! He brought you to us, after all. If it's not beneath your new station, I'd love to go hunting with you again sometime. And by hunting, I mean sending some deserving souls to Sithis."


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