"What? No! Get back in your cage!"


Kornalus Frey is an Altmer mage. Despite similar surnames, he has no known relation to the Thieves Guild's leader, Mercer Frey.

He lives and works in Harmugstahl and conducts experiments on Frostbite Spiders using a special serum (as revealed in a research note), infusing them with frost, shock and fire. As evidenced by the shrine in his bedroom, Kornalus is, like many other magicians, a worshiper of Julianos.


Kornalus is a combat mage and uses fire/frost/shock spells. At higher levels, he might also be immune to shock/fire/frost damage. During the fight, he fights alone. The spiders in the last room are sealed behind bars. However, the Dragonborn can free the spiders via a nearby lever, and they will then aid the Dragonborn in the fight. Once Kornalus is killed, any spiders that are still alive will then attack the Dragonborn.

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