Korthor is a Dragon Priest buried in Vuldngrav, where he guards the Fork of Horripilation.


During the Merethic Era, the Daedric prince Sheogorath visited Korthor. Under unknown circumstances, Sheogorath left the Fork of Horripilation in Korthor's presence. Since then he has guarded the fork as his own treasure, in both life and death.


Unlike Dragon Priests in Skyrim, Korthor carries a sword and battles on his feet, similar to Miraak. Unlike Miraak, Korthor is still undead. Korthor generally defends himself with his sword at close range, but summons Daedric minions to battle foes. He also casts powerful spells against his enemies.


Simply MisplacedEdit

Haskill will send the Vestige accompanied by Arch-Mage Shalidor to the Nordic ruin of Vuldngrav to retrieve the Fork of Horripilation. After going to a large room and opening a phony box, Korthor will send his Draugr minions to attempt to defeat the two. After reaching the final room, Korthor will be found levitating and waiting for the duo to battle him. Once defeated, the fork can be looted off his body


Korthor says the following in the Dragon Language:

  • "Luft dinokii"
  • "Dir Nu"



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