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"As you see I am unarmed. But you are brave and gallant. <sigh> Will you give me your longsword so that I may stand a chance against your might?"

Krazzt is a unique Dremora who can be found guarding the Shrine of Courtesy in the Puzzle Canal in Vivec City. He is a servant of the Daedra Lord Mehrunes Dagon.[1]


Pilgrimages of the Seven GracesEdit

The Nerevarine encounters Krazzt beside the Shrine of Courtesy in the Puzzle Canal. To obtain the shrine's blessing and thus advancing in the questline, Krazzt must be given a silver longsword in memory of God Vivec giving the same weapon to his foe Mehrunes Dagon during a battle.[1]



  • There are four silver longswords located in a chest just besides Krazzt. He can be offered one of those.
  • If the Nerevarine talks to Krazzt again after he has given him the silver longsword, he gets annoyed and says, "Have you not given me a silver longsword? Just read the shrine and leave. I tire of your mortal presence."



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