"They call him "the Skinner.""
―Aela the Huntress[src]


Krev the Skinner is one of the leaders of the Silver Hand who can be found at Gallows Rock during the quest "The Silver Hand." The race and gender of Krev are radiant. Since Krev is the only named character of the Silver Hand, they can be considered the primary antagonist of the Companions questline.

Career in The Silver HandEdit

It is unknown when Krev joined the Silver Hand, but their victories over Werewolves have made them earn the respect of the organization. Krev rose in the Silver Hand's ranks, until they became a leader of the Silver Hand, stationed at one of their outposts, Gallows Rock. Krev used the fort as a base of operations for capturing and killing Werewolves, and is known as "The Skinner" because of their penchant for skinning werewolves captured by the Silver Hand.


Unknown to Krev, The Companions were planning to assault Gallows Rock to wipe out the Silver Hand in the area. When Skjor came into the fort on a scouting mission, Krev detected and killed him. Soon after Skjor's demise, Aela the Huntress and the Dragonborn attacked the fort and killed Krev.


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  • Krev has been known to respawn after completing the Companions' quest "The Silver Hand." A resourceful necromancer player could make good use of this if using the Dead Thrall spell.


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