"He's always getting himself into jams with the careless ways he performs his experiments, and well, I'm afraid he's done it again"
―Kud-Ei, on Henantier.[src]

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Kud-Ei is an Argonian and resident of the town of Bravil. She serves the Mages Guild as head of Bravil Guildhall. She carries a leveled longsword strapped to her waist. Kud-Ei is also a journeyman Illusion trainer.

Physical appearanceEdit

Kud-Ei has small cranial crests that she decorates with cloth or rings. As with other Argonians, her age is indicated by the color of her scales. Older Argonians have more orange and dark-green in their complexion, while younger Argonians are more light-green, yellow, purple or even blue. The abundance of purple and yellow scales reveals that she is ripe with age.


Attached romantically to Henantier, Kud-Ei is concerned with the recklessness with which her partner performs his dangerous experiments. Despite her attempts to convince him, he has little respect for authority and performs them anyway. Kud-Ei, realizing the danger of this, seems willing to forgive the infractions, so long as he is saved.


Bravil RecommendationEdit

Ardaline, the Altmeri alchemist of the Bravil Guildhall is missing her staff of charming. Kud-Ei correctly suspects her admirer, Varon Vamori, of having taken it. Since the quests is a tutorial in Charm spells, she offers three scrolls of charming to help with interrogating him. He reveals that he sold the staff to a merchant in the Imperial City. Kud-Ei, when informed of this, offers more scrolls to help with recovering the staff. The staff can either be looted from the chest in the merchant's basement or his wife can be charmed into relinquishing the key. After the staff is returned to Kud-Ei, she confesses the task had little to do with returning stolen property, so much as it was about the principle of stealing another mage's staff, a symbol of their power and membership in the guild. As a reward, she gives a basic charm spell.

Through a Nightmare, DarklyEdit

"I saw Kud-Ei moping around outside the Mages Guild yesterday. In fact, I could swear she was crying. I hope she finds her missing friend."
―Rumors in Bravil[src]

Her life partner, Henantier is stuck in a dream and she asks for help. Frightened that Henantier's haywire experiment will get him expelled from the guild, she hires an associate to enter his Dreamworld with a special amulet and awaken him.



Bravil "I take my duties as chapter head very seriously... unlike SOME guild mages. It infuriates me how casual some guild heads are about common civility."

Show: Bravil Recommendation
Inside the Bravil Mages Guild:

"Hello there, Associate. You're here for a recommendation, I presume. Are you prepared to earn it?"

I'm ready. "I'm afraid I haven't had time to prepare anything conventional. I'm very preoccupied with this situation concerning Ardaline. Perhaps you can help with that, however. I can't directly get involved, for fear of embarrassing the poor girl. I'll need to have a little chat with Varon Vamori, and you can learn something about the power of Illusion in the process."
Ardaline "Don't say anything to her. I don't want to embarrass her further. Once this is all taken care of, I'll speak to her privately."
Varon Vamori "I don't understand it. Some ridiculous male thing, I suppose. He's been bothering Ardaline every day for a while now. He even stole her Mages' Staff! Perhaps he thinks it's amusing; I don't know. But it needs to stop. It's making her miserable."
Mage's Staff "It's more symbolic than practical, but each carries great significance to its owner. You're going to get Ardalin's staff back. Take this charm scroll. With it, you should find Varon more receptive to questioning. Don't come back without that staff."
Mage's Staff "Varon Vamori should give it to you once you've persuaded him, if you understand me."
Recommendation "If you want it, you'll need to persuade Varon Vamori, using whatever means necessary, to return that staff."
Varon Vamori "You have what you need to help him talk. I admit, it's not standard guild procedure, but I'd do anything for one of my girls."
Arcane University "The Council of Mages meets there in the Imperial City. That's where the real power of the guild lies. If you do what you need to, you'll get there one day. Just don't forget to help those who have aided you on your way."
Mages Guild "Each local guild hall has its own way of doing things. That means each hall has its own set of problems."
Recommendation "Are you so eager to begin? Very well. We can start, if you feel you are ready."
I'm not ready yet. "No? Well, then please excuse me."

"Make sure Varon hands over that staff."

After talking with Varon:

"Any luck talking with Varon Vamori yet? It should be no trouble at all once you use that scroll."

Varon Vamori "He sold it, eh? Well, this just keeps getting worse. Very well. I presume he gave you some indication of where the staff is now located? Take these, and go resolve the situation. And, of course, please keep this just between us."
Mage's Staff "No staff yet? Well, keep at it. Those charm scrolls should do most of the work for you, if you put them to good use."

"Get that staff back, Associate."

After retrieving the staff:

"Do you have the Mage's staff, Associate?"

Mage's Staff "Ah, wonderful! I shall be most pleased to return this to its rightful owner. Thank you. You needn't tell me the details of what was involved in getting it; it's perhaps better that I know nothing about it. Your actions for the guild more than merit a recommendation. I shall send it to the University promptly. And, to thank you more personally, I shall teach you this spell. You may find it useful in certain circumstances."

After obtaining all recommendations:

Recommendation "Time for you to see where the real power of the guild lies. Raminus Polus will want to speak with you; head to the Arcane University."
Show: Through a Nightmare, Darkly
Inside the Bravil Mages Guild:

"I don't suppose you could help me locate my friend Henantier could you?"
"Please, I'm in desperate need of help, and I think you're the only one that I can turn to!"

If approached again:

"I don't suppose you could help me locate my friend Henantier could you?"

Kud-Ei "Yes, I'm the one looking for my friend. His name is Henantier. If you find him, I'll be glad to offer you a sizeable reward."
Henantier "I miss him so. We were study-mates at the Arcane University and we've come to grow fond of each other over the years. He's always getting himself into jams with the careless ways he performs his experiments, and well, I'm afraid he's done it again. I'm going to level with you, as you seem like you wish to help. Henantier isn't missing. On the contrary, I know exactly where he is. The problem is he's trapped and there's no way I can free him."
Fine by me, I just want the reward. "Great. Whatever suits you and gets me Henantier back suits me just fine. When you're ready to go and see him, let me know. But please, do hurry."
Why the deception? "Well, Henantier's been warned that if he strays outside the Guild rules one more time, he may be up for summary dismissal. The rules say that he isn't to practice dangerous experiments at his home. It must be done in the guild under the watchful eye of an associate. Henantier's never been one for rules, and so he's continued to perform his latest experiments in secret. If word gets out, he'll be dismissed."

If approached again:

"Are you ready to follow me to Henantier?"

Not yet. "Very well, but do return quickly. I fear he's in more trouble than you realize."
Henantier "We aren't going far, so no need to prepare for a long journey. In fact, he's still in town. More I can't say aloud without risk of others hearing."

"Please, return quickly."

Lead on. "Fantastic! Let's be off then."

If approached again:

"It's just this way, not much farther."
"Just this way."

Inside Henantier's House:

"Well, as you can see, Henantier's right here and he's trapped in his Dreamworld."

Dreamworld "I told him that trying to travel into one's own dreams is risky. But as usual, he didn't listen to me. Always has to do things his way. Henantier constructed a magical device he called the Dreamworld Amulet. With this device, one can enter his own mind and experience dreams."
Anyone can dream. "True, but this is different. When you enter your dreams with the amulet, you're in full command of a dream-like replica of yourself. All your thoughts, your skills and your talents travel there with you. Think of it as exploring a new land, but a land within your own mind. Henantier created the amulet to see if he could use his dreams as a training ground to help better himself. I don't know all of the details, but the amulet is a vonduit to get to that training ground. It's been three days, and he's been stuck in his dreams. I've watched him all that time, and he hasn't been up at all. The only way to save hime is to put on the Dreamworld Amulet and go to sleep. Only then can you hopefully find out what's happened in there."
Why me? Why haven't you tried? "I fear that anyone he knows won't be able to help him in there. Since I'm in his memories, he may dismiss me as a figment of his dreams. The only chance is for a total stranger to enter his dreams. When you're ready to do this, I'll give you the amulet. Only I know the secret way it can be removed from his neck."
Dreamworld "You'll have to be very careful in there. If Henantier intended it as a training ground, there's no telling what you may encounter."
Henantier "My poor Henantier. I shudder to think what's happened to him in there."

"Don't take this sojourn lightly. The recesses of the mind can be the darkest place of all."

If approached again:

"Are you prepared to enter the Dreamworld?"

Not yet. I'll be ready soon. "Alright. Please, come back soon. I'll wait for you here."
Yes, I'm ready. "Please, use the extra bed here. If you sleep too far from Henantier, it may not work. I'll watch over you both to make sure you're safe. Oh my! I almost forgot! Henantier once told me that if he's killed in his dreams, anyone that's in there with him will die as well. So, do be careful."

"Now is a time for sleep. How I wish I could go with you!"

If approached again:

"It's so difficult to be here and watch him not knowing how much he may be suffering."

After Henantier returns:

"Now that Henantier has returned, things are as they should be."
"I do hope our paths cross again."

Show: Illusion Training
Inside the Bravil Mages Guild:

Training "Martina Floria at the Arcane University has truly mastered Illusion spells. You should speak with her about training further."

Training "Travel to the Arcane University, and speak with Martina Floria."



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