"Don't turn your back on Lonavo for a second. He wouldn't think twice about burying his blade there."
Lerexus Callidus[src]

Kylius Lonavo quote

Kylius Lonavo is a Dunmer Rogue, and skooma dealer working at the Greyland settlement just outside the walls of Leyawiin. Lonavo and his marauder compatriot are on the run from the Imperial Legion for dealing skooma.

In the quest "Raid on Greyland," an Imperial Legion member named Lerexus Callidus recruits the Hero to go to Greyland and kill Lonavo.

Callidius himself calls Lonavo "a snake" because of the way he has evaded capture. When attempting to kill Lonavo he wields an enchanted claymore, but if they succeed in killing him, take his ring to Callidius and he will give a leveled reward.



  • The marauder who fights alongside Kylius is of variable race, and will change each time the game is saved and loaded.


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