Kynareth's Grotto is a very small cave in the The Elder Scrolls IV: Knights of the Nine with two Spriggans inside who are not hostile. There are some plants and fungi, such as flax and Green Stain Cups.


It is not marked on the map, but it is located northeast of Fort Wooden Hand, south of Breakneck Cave and east of Molag Bal's Shrine.

The door to the cave is not difficult to locate, as it differs a lot from regular cavern doors. However, the door is blocked by a large boulder until it is opened in the quest for the Boots of the Crusader.


  • Kynareth's Grotto



Nature's FuryEdit

While searching for the Boots, The Knight Commander must speak to the worshipers at the shrine, who will lead the Knight to the Grove of Trials outside the cave Kynareth's Grotto. If the trial is failed, they must be spoken to again.


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