Lady Arannelya was an Altmer commander for the Third Aldmeri Dominion and for the main force of the Thalmor invasion into Hammerfell during the Great War.[1]


Start of the warEdit

Shortly after Lord Naarifin's attack on southern Cyrodiil, Lady Arannelya's troops made their move into Hammerfell firstly bypassing the West Colovian and the cities of Kvatch and Bravil, eventually moving into Hammerfell to start the attack.

Assault on Hammerfell and the March of ThirstEdit

Just after entering Hammerfell, Lady Arannelya's troops attacked the southern coastline. With the civil war going on in Hammerfell, the few scattered legions there provided little defense and were eventually driven into the northern sands of the Alik'r Desert. This event became known as the March of Thrist.

Content to have full power over their gains in Hammerfell, Aldmeri troops stationed there continued to secure the major cities. By 4E 174, all but Hegathe had fallen to the Elven invaders. 

However, in the north the survivors of the March of Thirst, including General Decianus, regrouped with reinforcements from High Rock. Lady Aranneyla's advances into the Alik'r were initially successful; however, they clashed with General Decianus in Skaven and a bloody conflict ensued. This went on for hours; in the end, Lady Aranneyla's troops proved victorious. However, they were unable to continue their assault through Hammerfell.

After a few days the Aldmeri troops were defeated and driven back from Skaven. Lady Arannelya's power was crushed as she withdrew and the last of the Thalmor evacuated Hammerfell.[source?]


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