"I trust you are here to help. Dark rituals are being performed around the island."

Laganakh is an Orsimer residing in Stonetooth Fortress, Betnikh.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Into the Hills[edit | edit source]

Laganakh senses evil spreading across Betnikh. After this, the Vestige begins to search for information as to the origin of the evil. A nearby totem may grant them visions that will help in its defeat.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Into the Hills[edit | edit source]

"I trust you are here to help. Dark rituals are being performed around the island. I first smelled corruption on the wind. Then my shaman found evidence at an Ayleid ruin nearby."

Who is performing the rituals? "The same cult that attacked the fortress. I sense a link between the attack and the rituals. There is a way to be certain. Chief Tazgol has forbidden me from pursuing this, so I ask you to."
How? "By the bridge to the south of the totem. Those who touch it see visions. It may show you a vision that links the attack to the rituals I feel corrupting the island. Follow wherever the vision leads you."
I will. "You journey into danger. Choose your steps carefully."
How can I see these visions? "The land remembers those who tread upon it, for good or for ill. The totem taps into these memories and shows us the ghosts of the past."

After returning from the Bloodthorn Lair:

"You return. What did you learn of the Bloodthorn plans?"

They are desperate to enter the spirit realm. "The fools! Did they succeed?"
Yes, I saw it happen. "The dangers that face us become clearer. I will try to convince Chief Tazgol of this, though I doubt he will accept the word of an outsider. Your efforts on our behalf bring you honor."

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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