The Lainlyn Family is a family that originates from the Barony of Lainlyn, situated within the province of Hammerfell. The Lainlyn Family are artisans by trade and are the namesake of the modern-day Barony that is situated along the southern coast of the Iliac Bay.

History[edit | edit source]

In 2E 102, Jamshald Lainlyn had created a statue dedicated to Ansei Maja, who was not only born in the city-state of Tava's Blessing (modern-day Lainlyn), but she was one of the three Ansei that sacrificed themselves to create the Ansei Wards, aedric artifacts of the Yokudan God of Souls, Tu'whacca. The statue was made in her honor, to ward of the vile arts of Necromancy from Tava's Blessing. Another notable member, Curly Lainlyn was a Master Shipwright when Tava's Blessing was the royal harbor for the nearby Kingdom of Sentinel. At this point, the province of Hammerfell were members of the Daggerfall Covenant, and so various Covenant ships were built in the city's ports, with Curly Lainlyn leading the helm on the project. Sometime later, the Barony of Tava's Blessing was renamed into Lainlyn, in honor of the family that has served them throughout out the eras.[1][2][UL 1]

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