Lake Geir is a lake in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim located by the settlement of Ivarstead in the northwest of the Rift. It is fed by the Treva River in the southeast and is drained by Darkwater River, exiting in two separate channels at the western and northeastern corners of the lake.

It is relatively small compared to other lakes throughout Skyrim. In its center sits an island, upon which Geirmund's Hall can be found.

The lake contains the usual assortment of marine ingredients, such as Cyrodilic Spadetail and Slaughterfish Eggs.


The only quest-specific item/location is Reyda's skeleton, which must be found in order to complete the side quest "Locate Reyda's Remains." The skeleton can be found by standing on the bridge just outside Ivarstead, facing the lake, and jumping into the water.


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