Lake Ilinalta is a large lake located in Falkreath Hold, north of Falkreath.

Background[edit | edit source]

An Imperial outpost once stood on the western shore of the lake, until it crumbled into it. Many believed the building was haunted and avoided it, until Malyn Varen settled in the ruins to experiment with Azura's Star.

Hydrography[edit | edit source]

The lake is one of the largest inland bodies of water in Skyrim, comparable in size only to Lake Honrich. It is the source of the White River, the longest river of Skyrim. Some shoreline structures have been swallowed by the lake or collapsed into the lake over the years. Ilinalta's Deep is the most well known collapse due to the strange nature of the disaster. Malyn Varen later settled his necromancer cult in the flooded ruins. Then there also is the wreck of The Silvermoon, which has been sitting on the seabed of Lake Ilinalta for a very long time.

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