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The Lamia is a semi-aquatic creature that dwells in or near the water and regenerates health in darkness while immersed in water.

Physical appearance[edit | edit source]

The lamia combines the physical attributes of a humanoid woman and an aquatic serpent. If possible, it never fully leaves the water to conceal its true nature and only reveals its top half to draw exhausted or unsuspecting prey with its physical allure.

The bottom half is clearly serpentine, boasting a lithe tapering shape and scales that range in color and hue from mossy green to muddy brown. The top half is unmistakably human, appearing as a strikingly beautiful woman with a captivating face crowned with waving red, blond, auburn or brown hair and full breasts. The only parts of the upper body that give the lamia away as something inhuman are the arms and hands, which are skeletal and tipped with lacerating claws.

The lamia of High Rock have a particular taste for human males, luring them with the promise of immense physical pleasure before pouncing.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Over time the lamia eventually took on the gentler aspect of the shy but curious mermaid, which would patrol the oceans for wrecked or drifting sailors and see them to areas of safety.

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