"You have to help me, they are going to kill me!"

Larina is an Imperial, who dies in Hob's Fall Cave. Larina stole Pantea Ateia's Flute, leading to her being sacrificed to the necromancers she tried to sell it to. The necromancers claimed to be reviving the Order of the Black Worm.


Find Pantea's FluteEdit

Pantea Ateia tells the Dragonborn about a foolish student named Larina who stole Pantea's flute, and sold it to a coven of necromancers. Since the flute was passed down through seventeen generations, Pantea asks the Dragonborn to find it and bring it back to her.

When the cave is entered, Larina will shout, "You have to help me, they're going to kill me!"



  • It is impossible to save Larina. Her sacrifice is scripted, and cannot be avoided.


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  •  PC   360   PS3   Larina sometimes can be found standing on the slab as if she is still alive. Similar to the guards at Shor's Watchtower, her "corpse" still can be searched for minor loot.


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