"Yes, what? Sorry, I've got shipments to attend to. Your business?"

Laronen is an Altmer found in Anvil, Gold Coast. He can be seen walking at the docks.


The Common GoodEdit


Show: The Common Good

"Yes, what? Sorry, I've got shipments to attend to. Your business?"

I'd like to talk to you about the bounty you posted. "The bounty? Says right on it what to do to get paid. What more could you want to know?"
I want to know what I'll be facing. "All right, all right, that's fair. Those Gold Coast traders have been capturing all sort of nasty brutes out in Craglorn. This Ironfang, though. It's a real monster! Big armored troll. Huge! Could smash the whole city! Best not to take chances, right?"
Have you voiced your concern to the Gold Coast traders? "Of course! I even offered payment to get rid of it, but they said it was "worth the risk." To them maybe! I disagree, so my gold can go to you - if you get rid of the foul creature."
And the ledgers? "Sheesh, you ask a lot of questions! The ledgers ... are evidence. Of their less than legitimate activities! I can use them to discourage any complaints to the Governor. Can't let them push us around. Public interests over private interests, get it?"
Where I can find the ledgers you're looking for? or Any tips on where to collect Gold Coast ledgers? "I don't know. Around! Definitely somewhere in the ruins, though. If they're still being scribbled in, the ledgers will be on someone's desk or scattered around on the work areas. I'm not picky, just grab whatever you can find. It'll be fine!"

Upon return:

"What? Oh! You're not dead! I mean, that's good, but you completed the job, right?"

I killed Ironfang and acquired these ledgers. "You … you did? That's fantastic news. For the common good, I mean. Safety above all, that's my motto. And these ledgers will do just fine. Here's some gold for your trouble."

After completing the quest:

"I, ah, have something I should really go check on. If you'll excuse me."

You're acting very strangely. "What? I—I don't know what you mean? I just remembered I'm late. For … something, I'm a busy person. Nice working with you, but I really must be going!"
What's really going on here? "Nothing …! All right, fine! I work for a competing company with a monster for sale. The Gold Coast stole our buyer with their recent acquisition of Ironfang, leaving us in a bind. But you took care of that. And they really were endangering us!"
What has you in such a hurry then? "Well, you see, if Ironfang did break free from the Gold Coast-with all their security-I need to make sure the same doesn't happen to my warehouse. Sorry about the deception, I wanted to avoid the Gold Coast buying off my mercenaries … again."


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