"Are you here to rescue me?"
―Larthjar the Laggard[src]

Larthjar the Laggard is a Nord who can be found in the Skingrad Castle Dungeon. He was arrested and imprisoned in the Dungeon for assaulting a young woman.[1]

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Lost Histories[edit | edit source]

In order to find out what happened to Theranis and the book he was to bring back, Lost Histories of Tamriel, the Hero needs to speak to Larthjar who is imprisoned in the Skingrad Castle Dungeon. He will ask to be freed, and will be upset if denied, stating that its not like he killed the girl. If asked about the Pale Lady, he will explain how she takes people away through a secret door, and that she had taken Theranis a few days earlier, and had just taken a struggling Amusei now long beforehand. Once the door to his cell is open, he will wait until he has a chance to escape, and head to the Arboretum.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Lost Histories

"You must be the new slop drudge."
"Are you here to rescue me?"

Yes, I'll rescue you. "Just unlock the door. A couple of hours after you're gone, it will be quiet again and I can sneak out."
No. You are a criminal. "You bastard! It's not like I killed her. I just roughed her up a bit. Nothin' the healers can't fix."
Theranis "You mean the thief? He was in the big cell with that Argonian. They were always whispering to each other. The Pale Lady took him days ago."
The Pale Lady "Every few days she comes for one of us. Some return, some don't. Those that are taken three times never return. This was Theranis' third time."
Where does she take them? "I don't know. She took the Argonian less than an hour ago though. He put up quite a struggle. He was bleeding all over the place."

"Don't let the guards catch you."

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