"Oh, perfect. My favorite people. The very faces of my failure... and now you've tracked me down just to watch me die? You're just like my sister and the rest of the Thalmor. No sympathy whatsoever."

Laryaril is an Altmer member of the Aldmeri Dominion and Thalmor found wounded inside the Imperial Underground beneath Woodhearth. Laryaril is the twin sister of Asteril.


The Flooded GroveEdit

Laryaril appears in a memory rewarded to Vestige by Hermaeus Mora, where she and Vicereeve Pelidil force Saromir, and other monks before him, absorb the memories from the crystal.

Veil of IllusionEdit

Laryaril pretending to be her twin sister Asteril makes an attempt to kill Queen Ayrenn, who was actually Razum-dar in disguise.

Double JeopardyEdit

Laryaril is later found mortally wounded in Imperial Underground.


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