"I work in the mines. I hunt. Everything else I do is my business."
―Lash gra-Dushnikh[src]


Lash gra-Dushnikh is an Orsimer miner residing in the village of Karthwasten.


She hails from the Orc Stronghold of Dushnikh Yal, which is why she has the surname "gra-Dushnikh." Her mother, Gharol, asks the Dragonborn to deliver her a sword. She rewards the Dragonborn with leveled GoldIcon.

In Dawnguard, if she is killed during a vampire or dragon attack, a Courier will appear later with a letter of inheritance from the Jarl (100 GoldIcon -10 tax).


Gharol's MessageEdit

The Dragonborn is asked by Gharol to deliver a sword to her daughter Lash in Karthwasten.


Gharol's Message

"I work in the mines. I hunt. Everything else I do is my business."

Your mother Gharol wants you to have this sword. "So that's it, then. "Don't come back." Thank you. Here. You honored my mother's task and should be rewarded. Now, I need to be alone."


  • "I work in the mines. I hunt. Everything else I do is my business."
  • "These Reach folk are so... nosy."
  • "You should talk to Ainethach. He runs the mines. Used to anyway."
  • "Ainethach needs to get rid of those Silver-Blood. Then maybe we can go back to work."
  • "Ainethach's dead, but that doesn't mean we can stop working." —If Ainethach dies.
  • "Ragnar has a strong arm. Pity he isn't an Orc."


When will Sanuarach Mine be open?Edit

Lash: "When will Sanuarach Mine be open?"
Ragnar: "I don't know. Whenever those Silver-Blood men decide to leave."

Hunting InvitationEdit

Lash: "I've been thinking, would you like to join me in hunting?"
Ragnar: "You want me to hunt with you? I thought you preferred being alone."
Lash: "Your arms and legs are fit for catching strong, agile prey. I could use your help."
Ragnar: "I'd be honored, but I have work to do in the mines."

Don't need to huntEdit

Ragnar: "I haven't seen you hunting in a while."
Lash: "I can afford to buy meat now. I prefer working in the mines, anyway."

What do you think of Orcs?Edit

Lash: "Tell me, Ragnar, what do you think of the Orcs?"
Ragnar: "Cunning warriors and skilled workers. It's good to have you here, Lash."
Lash: "I asked what you thought of the Orcs, not about me."
Ragnar: "Oh. I'm sorry. Well, it's good to have you here, anyway."

Strong ArmsEdit

Lash: "You have strong arms. You'd make a good Orc."
Ragnar: "Um... thank you, Lash. You'd... make a fine Nord?"
Lash: "Don't say words you don't mean."

Bunking with OrcsEdit

Belchimac: "I don't like bunking with Orcs. It's not... clean."
Lash: "If you want me to leave, you could challenge me to a fight. I promise to stop once you've lost an arm."
Belchimac: "What I meant to say was... I love having an Orc here in the barracks. They're so... pleasant."

Reach PoliticsEdit

Lash: "Why do your people claim the Reach is theirs? The Orcs have been in these lands just as long."
Belchimac: "You wouldn't understand, Lash. Your people aren't smart enough for politics."
Lash: "Is that so? I'll remember that next time we're in the mine tunnels... alone."
Belchimac: "Did... did I say you weren't smart? I meant to say that I'm not smart, Lash. I'm just not smart enough to answer your questions."


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