"My son.... My poor son.... Please, please help a sad old man."

Lassnr is a Nord warrior who resides in the Skaal Village.


Tymvaul in the WellEdit

Lassnr sends the Nerevarine to find his son, Tymvaul. If the Nerevarine tells him that they killed his son, then he will become hostile to them. Otherwise, he will reward them with five snow bear pelts.


Tymvaul in the Well

"Tymvaul? Is that you, son? Oh..oh I'm sorry. Please forgive the ramblings brougt on by an old man's anguish."

old man's anguish "My son, Tymvaul, was getting water, and fell into our well. I am so lonely without him. Ever since his mother passed, Tymvaul has been my only companion. The pool beneath the well leads to a series of ice caves known as Rimhull. So my boy may still be alive. But I am too frail to search the caves, and everyone else in the village is convinced Tymvaul is already dead. I must know if he still lives! Please, Dunmer (Player race), will you enter Rinhull and learn the fate of my son?"
I can't help you, Lassnr. "[?]"
I'll help you, Lassnr. It's possuble Tymvaul stil lives. "You...uou will help me? Oh, thank you, Dunmer (Player race)! Since my son fell into our well I have kept it locked, to avoid any more unfortunate accidents. Here's the key -- the well is out back. The waters of the well lead to Rimhull, but there is said to be another mmore direct entrance to the ice caves, somewhere outside the village. I know not where such an entrance may be, though it's probably hidden somewhere nearby. Now hurry! Return when you have news of my son!"

After learning about Tymvaul:

"Um, oh, yes Dunmer (Player race)? I'm sorry, I was just thinking of my boy Tymvaul...."

old man's anguish "Please, Dunmer (Player name) -- what news of my son Tymvaul?"
Tymvaul lives! He has given up his study of the dark arts, and is leaving Solstheim to study legitimate magicka. He said he will return some day and make you proud. "I knew he was alive! Oh thank you, Nerevarine (Player name)! Although I hate to see him leave, I know Tymvaul will return some day and bring pride and honor to our family. I don't have much to offer as a reward, but I want you to have these. They are the pelts of a snow bear I killed many years ago. Brynjolfr at Thirsk can forge them into special armor for you. Thanks again, kind Nerevarine (Player name)."


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