"Pull up a seat by the hearth, friend. I could use the company."

Lathdanvir is a Nord commoner patron of Skalar's hostel in Orsinium.


What do you do here in Wrothgar? "Birds! Catching and selling. It's been a lean season, what with all these strange storms along the coast. But I still turn a healthy profit. You're not in the bird business, are you?"

No, not me. "Good, good. It's a fine profession with quite a few perks. Take my coat, for instance. Genuine chub loon-down lining and duck-leather trim. Warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and always dry as a bone!"
Do you sell coats like that? "Oh, no. This was a special order. A custom job. I suppose it's less useful in your line of work. Duck feathers aren't going to turn a blade or deflect an arrow. Still, you won't find a finer garment! And handsome, to boot!"

After completing "Where Loyalty Lies:"

"Hey! You're the one who settled that business out on the coast? With the shipwreck? What a mess that was!"


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