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"LeFemm armor, specially tailored for the ladies, is on sale at Fighters Guild in Vivec, from Sirollus Saccus in Ebonheart, the Redoran Vaults, and the lady smiths in Ald-ruhn, Sadrith Mora, and Ald Velothi."
―Official Summary

LeFemm Armor is one of the eight official plug-ins for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It is available for free on the Official Website.

New contentEdit

2 new sets of armor:

Note: 4 new female-friendly variants of various armor sets were included in the plugin, but are not implemented into the game. (The sets are: Imperial Steel, Imperial Chain, Netch Leather and Steel.


Domina ArmorEdit

  • Sold by Manicky in Sadrith Mora, or it can be stolen from the barrel located next to her.
  • Sold by Dandera Selaro in Ald'ruhn, or it can be stolen from a crate located behind her.
  • Sold by Aryne Telnim in her shop in Tel Aruhn. Or it can be stolen from the chest behind the counter.

Gold ArmorEdit

  • Sold by Lorbumol gro-Aglakh at the Vivec Fighters Guild, or can be stolen from the closet behind him.
  • Some pieces can be found in the Redoran Vaults in Vivec City. They're not owned by anybody, a key can be stolen from one of the manors (It has no owner so it isn't a crime) to open the locked door.
  • Worn by Sirollus Saccus at the Hawkmoth Legion Garrison in Ebonheart. Unlike the others, he doesn't sell the armor, he wears a set. Thus the only real way of getting it would be to:
    • Kill him.
    • Disintegrate his Armor and steal it.
    • Sell him better armor (only Ebony and Daedric works, though).
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