Legate Quentin Cipius is a member of the Imperial Legion in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. He appears inside Dragonsreach after the quest Message To Whiterun for the Imperial Legion is completed.

As an essential NPC, he cannot die, even after completing the Civil War questline.


Can be found north of Gjukar's Monument and east of Rorikstead before a side is even chosen in the civil war.


  • He can be found standing near a ruined monolith east of Rorikstead.
    • This will happen when you have captured Whiterun for the Imperials but he will still appear here despite the Imperial Whiterun camp is no longer there.
    • If found alone east of Rorikstead, attacking will cause him to become hostile, but no bounty will incur. When his health reaches zero, he falls to his knees and regains full health after a few short seconds. Upon standing up, he is no longer hostile. This alows the player to level up combat and destruction skills by repeatedly attacking him at no penalty.


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