"I don't fight for the glory of the Empire, nor do I glory in the death of my kinsmen. I fight to bring peace and order to my homeland."
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Legate Rikke was a female Nord legate serving the Imperial Legion in Skyrim during the Skyrim Civil War. She was tasked with the recruitment of soldiers for the legion.

By gameEdit


The parents of Legate Rikke were Legionnaires themselves, and Legate Rikke followed in their footsteps.[2] She fought in many wars, including the Great War, alongside Galmar Stone-Fist.[2]


Great WarEdit

Legate Rikke fought during the Great War, and was part of the Legions that reclaimed the capital.[3] As she and Galmar were Nords from Skyrim, they presumably marched to Cyrodiil with the armies under the command of General Jonna, who commanded Nord Legions from Skyrim.[4]

Skyrim Civil WarEdit

During the Skyrim Civil War, Legate Rikke served as the local recruiter of the Legion.[1] People who wish to join the Legion usually go through a standard procedure, after which they have to take the Imperial Oath.[2] Rikke states that the Stormcloaks are only weakening the Empire and keeping it from focusing on its true goal.[2] When General Tullius got sent to Skyrim in 4E 201,[5] Legate Rikke gave advice to the General based on Nord tradition,[2][6] which often led to discussions between the two.[6] On the field, Legate Rikke gave orders to soldiers, anything from spreading misinformation[7] to taking over forts,[7] was directed by the Legate after discussing it with General Tullius.

Post Civil-WarEdit

Should the Legion win the Civil War, Legate Rikke would be ordered by General Tullius to aid the new Jarls in learning how to govern, as the Legate is a native Nord who knows the Nordic culture better than the General does.[2] Though Rikke says she is a soldier, and not a politician, she also says she is proud to play any role in rebuilding Skyrim.[2]



  • Despite Rikke serving the Imperial Legion, at the time of the Civil War she still seemed to have some attachment to the worship of Talos, making brief prayers to him.[8][9]



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