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"You're wrong. Ulfric. We need the Empire. Without it Skyrim will assuredly fall to the Dominion."

Legate Rikke is the chief legate of the Imperial Legion under General Tullius. Rikke is a Nord, and believes strongly that Skyrim should be part of the Empire.


Joining the Legion[]

Rikke is with General Tullius in Castle Dour discussing concerns about Whiterun and Jarl Balgruuf the Greater joining their side in the Civil War before the Dragonborn speaks to her regarding joining the Legion, and she dispatches him to clear out Fort Hraggstad of the bandits occupying it so a detachment of Legionnaires can garrison it. Once done, she directs him to General Tullius to be administered the oath to join the Legion.

The Jagged Crown[]

Rikke is present with Imperial soldiers, among them Hadvar, during the search for the Jagged Crown to acquire it before the Stormcloaks can for Galmar Stone-Fist.

Battle for Whiterun[]

Rikke leads the charge for the battle against the Stormcloaks composing of herself, Hadvar, Imperial Legionnaires, and Whiterun Hold Guards to protect Whiterun from being taken by Ulfric's Stormcloak soldiers and generals.

A False Front[]

Rikke is at the Imperial Camp in The Pale to prepare for taking the hold back from Stormcloak control under Jarl Skald the Elder. To do so, she has the Dragonborn ambush a Stormcloak courier so she can falsify the documents the courier was carrying before having them delivered to the Stormcloak commander in Dawnstar, Frorkmar Banner-Torn.

The Battle for Fort Dunstad[]

With Frorkmar having been given the false information regarding Fort Dunstad, Rikke assigns the Dragonborn to attack the fort and wipe out the Stormcloak garrison so the Legion can take over. Once that is done, The Pale will be placed under Imperial control, with Legate Constantius Tituleius replacing Frorknar in Dawnstar.

Compelling Tribute[]

Rikke then travels to the Imperial Camp in The Rift, with the intent to blackmail Jarl Laila Law-Giver's steward Anuriel to attain knowledge of a Stormcloak convoy full of weapons and gold that she then has the Dragonborn ambush alongside Hadvar and several other Legionnaires.

The Battle for Fort Greenwall[]

Having captured the convoy, Rikke orders the Dragonborn to assault Fort Greenwall, the main Stormcloak stronghold in The Rift protecting Riften, as it would allow for easier communication with the Imperial City back in Cyrodiil. Once the fort is taken, The Rift will fall under Imperial control, and Stormcloak commander Gonnar Oath-Giver will be replaced by Legate Fasendil at Mistveil Keep in Riften, while Laila will be replaced as Jarl by Maven Black-Briar.

Rescue from Fort Kastav[]

Rikke is then at the Winterhold Imperial Camp, with the next target being the main Stormcloak stronghold in Winterhold, Fort Kastav, where several Legionnaires are being kept as Stormcloak prisoners of war. Sending the Dragonborn to sneak into the fort and free the prisoners, together with Hadvar and several other Legionnaires waiting to attack from outside in a pincer move, Rikke soon learns that the fort has capitulated, placing Winterhold under Imperial control, and replacing Stormcloak commander Kai Wet-Pommel with Legate Sevan Telendas in the capital Winterhold while Jarl Korir is removed from power as well.

The Battle for Fort Amol[]

Having reclaimed most of the Stormcloak-controlled holds, leaving only Eastmarch, which is Ulfric's home territory, Rikke sends troops from the Eastmarch Imperial Camp to take over Fort Amol, the main Stormcloak stronghold before the Legion can launch their attack on Windhelm. Once the fort is captured, the final assault on Windhelm can begin.

Battle for Windhelm[]

With the final battle to take out Ulfric and his Stormcloaks upon them, Rikke personally joins General Tullius as they lead the attack on Windhelm, before confronting Ulfric and Galmar in the Palace of the Kings, resulting in Galmar and Ulfric's deaths, and the end of the Civil War, placing Legate Hrollod in place of Yrsarald Thrice-Pierced, and Brunwulf Free-Winter as Jarl to replace Ulfric.

Season Unending[]

Rikke will join General Tullius and Jarl Elisif for the meeting at High Hrothgar between them and Ulfric with Galmar Stone-Fist. When reaching the point of which an exchange of holds between the two factions is discussed, Ulfric will want control of The Reach. The Dragonborn can choose to exchange it for The Rift, or one of the minor holds under Stormcloak control, though this leaves Rikke disappointed in the unfair trade if a minor hold is traded for The Reach.

The Battle for Fort Neugrad[]

Rikke will be at the Falkreath Imperial Camp if Falkreath was given to the Stormcloaks during the meeting at High Hrothgar, requesting that the Dragonborn join the Legionnaires for the assault on Fort Neugrad to reclaim it and the hold from Stormcloak control. Once that is done, Falkreath will be back under Imperial control, and Siddgeir will be reinstated as Jarl in place of Dengeir.

The Battle for Fort Sungard[]

If The Reach was given to the Stormcloaks during the meeting with The Greybeards, Rikke will be at the Reach Imperial Camp, requesting the Dragonborn assault Fort Sungard with her forces and place it back under Imperial control. Once the Stormcloak garrison is eliminated, The Reach will be back in Imperial hands, with Igmund reinstated as Jarl, removing Stormcloak sympathizer Thongvor Silver-Blood from the position.

The Battle for Fort Snowhawk[]

If Hjaalmarch was given to Ulfric during the negotiations at High Hrothgar, Rikke will be at the Hjaalmarch Imperial Camp, asking the Dragonborn to assist with taking the hold back from the Stormcloaks by attacking the garrison at Fort Snowhawk. Once the fort is cleared of Stormcloak rebels, Hjaalmarch will return to Imperial control and Idgrod Ravencrone will be restored to her position as Jarl.

Civil War[]


If the Dragonborn sides with the Imperial Legion, Rikke acts as their commanding officer in the field, and assigns the Dragonborn to recapture several of the major holds. She, along with General Tullius, is present at the Imperial attack on Windhelm, and assists the Dragonborn in the final battle with Ulfric Stormcloak and Galmar Stone-Fist. She also attends the meeting at High Hrothgar when a truce becomes necessary so that the Dragonborn can capture Odahviing and then deal with Alduin once and for all.


If the Dragonborn sides with the Stormcloaks, Rikke is killed while defending Tullius during the Civil War in their final stand in Castle Dour in Solitude. Later, she can be encountered in Sovngarde, where she laments that the Legion wished to protect Skyrim, but only succeeded in killing men and women from both sides who are now being devoured by Alduin. She also laments that this has made her unable to find the way to Shor's Hall. Her coffin can be found in the Solitude Catacombs, along with General Tullius'.


Show: Default dialogue
In Castle Dour:

Why do you fight for the Empire? "I am a loyal citizen of the Empire. My parents were Legionnaires, and I've followed in their footsteps. But more importantly, I am a daughter of Skyrim and wish to see her made whole again."

Don't the Stormcloaks call themselves "sons and daughters of Skyrim"? "I've been a daughter of Skyrim all my life. I love this land and her people. So do all the Nords that serve the Empire. Ulfric, too, once. He wasn't always a self-serving ego-maniac. He fought in the Imperial army in the War against the Dominion. But Ulfric and his "Stormcloaks" are deluding themselves. If there's any hope of a long term victory against the Dominion, it's in the Empire. The rebels are only inflaming the tension and weakening the Empire by distracting it from its ultimate aim."
So you have no problem with the treaty that bans the worship of Talos? "I'm a soldier, not a politician. And my personal beliefs are not yours to question."
Do you consider the Thalmor enemies? "I consider this conversation over."

What will it take to end the war? "I hope Ulfric will come to his senses. But I fear he's in too far to stop now. Likely only Ulfric's death, or the overthrow of the Jarls supporting him will end this. Either way, much blood will be spilt."

Show: Joining the Legion
In Castle Dour:

"You survived Helgen? General Tullius told me what happened. Not many made it out alive... I've got a good feeling about you. And I don't often get good feelings about anything. A warrior knows to trust her gut... I'm not going to go through the normal process with you. I've got a little test lined up. Pass that, and we'll talk about you joining the Legion."

I can handle anything you throw at me. "Is that confidence, or bravado? Confidence I can use. Bravado gets soldiers killed. We'll soon find out. I'm sending you to clear out Fort Hraagstad. If you survive, you'll pass. If you die, then I'll have no further use for your corpse."
What kind of test? "The kind that evaluates your usefulness during... duress. I'm sending you to clear out Fort Hraagstad. If you survive, you'll pass. If you die, then I'll have no further use for your corpse."
What's at Fort Hraggstad? "The ancients built many of the fortresses that dot the landscape of Skyrim. Sadly, most have fallen into disrepair. And nearly all have been overrun with bandits or other vagabonds. Fort Hraagstad is one of the few that remains mostly intact. We're going to install a garrison there, but first, your going to clean out the bandits that have moved in."
I'm going alone? "Oh, not so confident now, are we? Yes. This is a test. I don't think you're regular militia material. I want to see what you're capable of."
I'm not sure about this. "Well, if you change your mind, you know what to do."
Consider that fort already yours. "Good. That's what I want to hear. Now go make it happen, soldier."
I've already cleared it out. (If Fort Hraggstad has been cleared before accepting the quest) "Is that so? I was right about you."

If spoken to again before taking the fort:

"What's the matter, soldier? I gave you an order. I want that fort, and I want it now. Move it!"

After taking the fort:

"Welcome back, soldier. I'm glad you made it in one piece. I'll send men to garrison the fort right away. You did well. I'm impressed. But before we go any further, it's time for you to officially join the Legion. Speak with General Tullius. He'll administer the oath."

Show: The Jagged Crown
In Castle Dour:

"Welcome to the Legion, auxiliary. Listen up. Ulfric's right-hand man, Galmar Stonefist, has located what he believes is the final resting place of the Jagged Crown. We're going to make sure he doesn't get his hands on it. The rest of my men are already assembling outside Korvanjund. I'll meet you there as soon as I finish up here."

What's the Jagged Crown? "A legendary crown, dating back to King Harald's time, or before. A powerful relic of a golden age, long since passed. Legend has it that the crown is made from the bones and teeth of ancient dragons, and is said to increase the power of the wearer. Whatever the truth, if Ulfric get's his hands on it, it would be a powerful symbol around which to rally support for his cause."
How do we know the crown is in Korvanjund? "Well, to be frank, we don't. Its location was lost with King Borgas, when the Great Hunt killed him while off on his Alessian campaigns. Supposedly, his body was brought back to Skyrim and secretly buried with the crown. Knowledge of that location was lost, in the Wars of Succession. But my agents report that Galmar is pretty damned convinced Korvanjund is the tomb of King Borgas. I know Galmar. We fought in many wars together. He's not a sentimental man taken to fancy. If he believes the crown is there... he's likely found it."

At Korvanjund:

"Looks like the damned rebels got here first. No matter, we have the element of surprise. Prepare to move out. You ready, auxiliary?"

Hold on, I need a minute. "This isn't a damn summer picnic! Hurry up. We need to hit them before they know we're here."
I'm ready, ma'am. "Follow me."
Show: Reunification of Skyrim (A False Front)
At the Pale Imperial Camp:

Reporting for duty. "I need you to deliver some false orders to the Stormcloak commander in Dawnstar. But first we need to get our hands on some rebel orders to make the forgeries. The Nightgate and Candlehearth inns are frequent stops for Stormcloak runners. See if you can't "convince" one of those innkeepers to help you. One way or another, get me those documents. But don't do anything rash if you go to Windhelm. Well, soldier? Can you do this?"

I'm not sure. I need to think about it. "Don't take too long figuring it out. I've got a war to run here."
Consider it done. "We do this for the good of Skyrim and her people. Never forget that."

After obtaining the documents:

"Very good... Let's see what you have here. Interesting... They know more of our plans than I expected... It would seem Fort Dunstad is in need of reinforcements... We'll make sure they won't be getting those... One moment while I "correct" some of these documents... That should do it. Make sure those forged documents get to the Stormcloak commander in Dawnstar. It'll throw him off our trail, allowing us to maneuver more freely."

Upon completion:

"Good job! I knew I gave the mission to the right person."

Show: Reunification of Skyrim (The Battle for Fort Dunstad)
At the Pale Imperial Camp:

Reporting for duty. "Your objective is Fort Dunstad. Meet the soldiers preparing for the attack. Then join them in wiping out the rebels. Once you prevail we will garrison the fort. Well, soldier? Are you up to the task?"

I'm not sure. I need to think about it. "Don't take too long figuring it out. I've got a war to run here."
That fort is as good as ours. "I knew I could count on you, soldier."

Upon completion:

"Good job! I knew I gave the mission to the right person."

Show: Reunification of Skyrim (Compelling Tribute)
At the Rift Imperial Camp:

Reporting for duty. "You're going to Riften. My spies report the Jarl's Steward, Anuriel, has arrangements with the Thieves Guild that would be rather embarrassing if made public. I need you to find evidence of her corrupt activities, and use it to gain a measure of her "cooperation." This will require stealth and discretion. The Jarl's guards won't take kindly to anyone rummaging through her Steward's private quarters."

I'm not sure. I need to think about it. "Don't take too long figuring it out. I've got a war to run here."
I'll get proof... and Anuriel's cooperation. "Good. I can always count on you, can't I?"

After getting Anuriel to talk about the shipment:

Anuriel says there's a shipment of coin travelling to Windhelm... "Excellent work. I knew you'd bring back something useful. It just so happens, I've got some scouts along the road. Meet up with them, and together see if you can't overpower the caravan."

After claiming the caravan:

"Good work! I'll send some men with a wagon to collect the prize. We can use the weapons here, and I'll pass on the coin to Solitude."

Show: Reunification of Skyrim (The Battle for Fort Greenwall)
At the Rift Imperial Camp:

Reporting for duty. "Your objective is Fort Greenwall. Meet the soldiers preparing for the attack. Then join them in wiping out the rebels. Once you prevail we will garrison the fort. Well, soldier? Are you up to the task?"

I'm not sure. I need to think about it. "Don't take too long figuring it out. I've got a war to run here."
That fort is as good as ours. "I knew I could count on you, soldier."
Show: Reunification of Skyrim (Rescue from Fort Kastav)
At the Winterhold Imperial Camp:

Reporting for duty. "Your objective is Fort Kastav. The rebels are keeping some of our men prisoner there. I aim to turn that into an advantage. I've sent men to scout out the area. You are to meet them, find a way to slip in, free our men, and take over the fort. They won't be expecting an attack from the inside. This won't be easy, but that's why I'm sending you. Think you can handle it?"

I'm not sure. I need to think about it. "Don't take too long figuring it out. I've got a war to run here."
Nothing I can't handle. "Make me proud."
Show: Reunification of Skyrim (The Battle for Fort Amol)
In Eastmarch Imperial Camp:

Reporting for duty. "Your objective is the enemy held fort. Meet the soldiers preparing for the attack. Then join them in wiping out the rebels. Once you prevail we will garrison the fort. Well, soldier? Are you up to the task?"

I'm not sure. I need to think about it. "Don't take too long figuring it out. I've got a war to run here."
That fort is as good as ours. "I knew I could count on you."

When the Fort is taken:

"Good job! I knew I gave the mission to the right person."

Show: Reunification of Skyrim (Battle for Windhelm)
In Eastmarch Imperial Camp:

"We're taking the city. Meet the soldiers gathering for the attack. Move it!"

Show: Post-Civil War dialogue
In Castle Dour:

"Ulfric would expunge from Skyrim citizens whose only crime was to be born of a non-Nordic woman. That is unacceptable to free men everywhere."

Is there anything further I can do for the Legion? "The Legion's work is far from finished, but you are free to roam. I suspect you'll be of greater good to Skyrim out there, in the world. If while you're out there, you stumble into any Stormcloak military camps, I expect you to destroy them. I've reports they are hiding in the hills."
Now that Ulfric is dead, will there be peace? "There are those who still call themselves Stormcloaks, who continue to fight us, and bring misery to the people... but they are few in number. The ordinary citizen will be happy to get back to life as normal, to have their families return home. And they should enjoy it while they can... I suspect all of Tamriel will again be called to arms in the not too distant future."
What's next for the accomplished Legate Rikke? "The General's put me in charge of assisting the new governments. I may understand things here in Skyrim better than the General, but I'm a soldier at heart, not a politician. But I'll do my best. This is the land of my birth, the land that shaped me. I'm proud to have any part in making it strong again."

"Until next time."

Show: Liberation of Skyrim (Battle for Solitude)
In Castle Dour:

"Dragonborn... Perhaps this is the fate of Skyrim after all. To be destroyed from the inside."

We'll kill you if we must. "A true Nord never fears death. It's the how and why of it that one needs consider."
Rikke, leave. They'll kill you. "If that must be, then it will. And why should I be any different? How many the lives already lost. What's one more?"

Post-Season Unending[]

Show: Reunification of Skyrim (The Battle for Fort Neugrad)
At the Falkreath Imperial Camp

"Something to report?"

Reporting for duty. "Your objective is Fort Neugrad. Meet the soldiers preparing for the attack. Then join them in wiping out the rebels. Once you prevail we will garrison the fort. Well, soldier? Are you up to the task?"
I'm not sure. I need to think about it. "Don't take too long figuring it out. I've got a war to run here."
Consider it done. "I knew I could count on you, soldier."
Show: Reunification of Skyrim (The Battle for Fort Sungard)
At the Reach Imperial Camp:

"Something to report?"

Reporting for duty. "Your objective is Fort Sungard. Meet the soldiers preparing for the attack. Then join them in wiping out the rebels. Once you prevail we will garrison the fort. Well, soldier? Are you up to the task?"
I'm not sure. I need to think about it. "Don't take too long figuring it out. I've got a war to run here."
That fort is as good as ours. "I knew I could count on you, soldier."
Show: Reunification of Skyrim (The Battle for Fort Snowhawk)
At the Hjaalmarch Imperial Camp:

"Something to report?"

Reporting for duty. "Your objective is Fort Snowhawk. Meet the soldiers preparing for the attack. Then join them in wiping out the rebels. Once you prevail we will garrison the fort. Well, soldier? Are you up to the task?"
I'm not sure. I need to think about it. "Don't take too long figuring it out. I've got a war to run here."
That fort is as good as ours. "I knew I could count on you, soldier."


Quest-related conversations[]

Show: The Jagged Crown
In Castle Dour:

General Tullius: "Tell me again, why I'm wasting men chasing after a fairy tale."
Legate Rikke: "If Ulfric gets his hand on that crown, it won't be a fairy tale. It'll be a problem."
General Tullius: "Don't you Nords put any stock in your own traditions? I thought the Moot chose the king. We're backing Elisif. When the Moot meets, they'll do the sensible thing."
Legate Rikke: "Not everyone's agreed to the Moot. You've been here long enough to know that Nords aren't always sensible. We follow our hearts."
General Tullius: "So what - Ulfric gets this crown and then suddenly he's High King?"
Legate Rikke: "No, it's not as simple as that, but the Jagged Crown would be a potent symbol for his cause to rally around. But, if we found it first..."
General Tullius: "And we gave it to Elisif?"
Legate Rikke: "In the absence of the Moot, it would further legitimize her claim."
General Tullius: "Perhaps... I'm entrusting you with what resources I can spare. But I'm warning you, if this turns out to be a waste of time and men..."
Legate Rikke: "It won't be a waste."
General Tullius: "Make sure you take the Auxiliary here. You can send him/her back when you get there and find nothing but old bones and cobwebs."
Legate Rikke: "The Stonefist's no fool. He's found the Crown. But we'll get to it first."

At Korvanjund:

Legate Rikke: "What's the situation?"
Imperial Soldier: "Stormcloaks were already camped out around the entrance when we got here. They don't know we're here yet, though."
Legate Rikke: "Well, that's something at least."

After the soldiers are gathered for the attack:

Legate Rikke: "Listen up, legionnaires. Those Stormcloaks are here for the same reason we are. Ulfric the Pretender wants that crown, but we're not going to let him have it. I realize some of you may know men on the other side. But remember this. They are the enemy now and will not hesitate to end your lives either. General Tullius is counting on us to bring back the Jagged Crown, and that's exactly what we're going to do. Let's show these rebels what real soldiers look like."

After killing the guards:

Legate Rikke: "Well done. They never knew what hit them. But don't underestimate the Stormcloaks. Many are Legion veterans. They may be traitors, but they know how to fight. We had the advantage of surprise this time, but don't expect it to last. Let's move out."

After entering the ruins:

Legate Rikke: "Everybody ready? We charge on my signal. Time to show what you're really made of. For the Empire!"
(After killing the guards)
Legate Rikke: "You two, stay and guard the entrance. We don't want any Stormcloak reinforcements taking us by surprise. Everyone else, with me."

In the second room:

Legate Rikke: "I don't like the look of this. Perfect spot for an ambush. Ten to one they're just waiting for us on the other side."
Imperial Soldier: "But there isn't any other way through, Legate."
Legate Rikke: "Let's not jump to conclusions, soldier. The Legion always finds a way. I'd rather take a moment and look around than walk blindly into an ambush. Auxiliary, see if you can find another way through. We'll charge in to help as soon as we hear fighting."

After seeing a dead Draugr:

Imperial Soldier 1: "What in the nine holds is that?"
Imperial Soldier 2: "Is this what killed that Stormcloak over there? Can't be. It looks like it's been dead for a hundred years."
Legate Rikke: Steady now. The Legion has faced down worse than a few dusty old bonewalkers. We're not leaving here until we get what we came for. Now let's keep moving"

In the hall of stories:

Legate Rikke: "And this must be the Hall of Stories."
Imperial Soldier 1: "Oh... I've heard of this. These walls are supposed to show the history of the ancients who built this place."
Imperial Soldier 2: "Too bad we can't read these carvings. Who knows what secrets we'd uncover?"
Legate Rikke: "One thing at a time soldier. Focus on our primary mission. We're searching for the crown. Looks like we weren't the first ones here, either. Even if these carvings tell us where the crown is, I'm sure we're going to have to find a way through this door. See what you can figure out auxillary, I'm going to check out these carvings over here. Let me know if you find something."

In the next room:

Legate Rikke: "Alright legionnaires! Spread out and see what we've got. Auxiliary, do what you do best. See if you can find some way to get that gate open."

After draugr appearing:

Legate Rikke: "Steady, legionnaires! We've been through worse. Just keep your guard up!"
(After killing the draugr)
Legate Rikke: "Follow me. Let's see where this leads."

In the throne room:

Legate Rikke: "The crown should be around here somewhere. Spread out, and keep your eyes open."
Hadvar: "Hey, I found a crown over here on this corpse. Is this the one we're looking for?"
Legate Rikke: "Hadvar... get away from there!"
(The Dragur on either side of the one wearing the Jagged Crown rise to defend it)
Hadvar: "By the nine!"
Legate Rikke: "Well, King... If you don't mind, we'll just take that crown of yours and be on our way."
(The Draugr rises and draws its weapon, indicating it isn't handing over the Jagged Crown without a fight)
Legate Rikke: "Have it your way. Let's get that crown men!"
(After killing the draugr and gaining the Crown)
Legate Rikke: "Alright, get the crown off that draugr! Take that crown back to Solitude, soldier. We'll stay here and see if we can find anything else that could be of use."

Show: The Battle for Whiterun
In Castle Dour:

Legate Rikke: "I'm telling you, Ulfric's planning an attack on Whiterun."
General Tullius: "He'd be insane to try. He doesn't have the men."
Legate Rikke: "That's not what my scouts report, sir. Every day more join his cause. Riften, Dawnstar, and Winterhold support him."
General Tullius: "It's not a cause. It's a rebellion."
Legate Rikke: "Call it whatever you like, General. The man's going to try to take Whiterun."
General Tullius: "Jarl Balgruuf..."
Legate Rikke: "Balgruuf refuses the Legion's right to garrison troops in his city. On the other hand, he also refuses to acknowledge Ulfric's claim."
General Tullius: "Well, if he wants to stand outside the protection of the Empire, fine. Let Ulfric pillage his city."
Legate Rikke: "General."
General Tullius: "You people and your damn Jarls."
Legate Rikke: "Sir? You can't force a Nord to accept help he hasn't asked for."
General Tullius: "If Ulfric's making a move for Whiterun, then we need to be there to stop him. Draft another letter with the usual platitudes, but this time share some of your intelligence regarding Ulfric's plans. Embellish if you have to. We'll let it seem like it's his idea."
Legate Rikke: "Yes, sir."
General Tullius: "You Nords and your bloody sense of honor."
Legate Rikke: "Sir."

At Whiterun:

"This is it men! This is an important day for the Empire and for the Legion. And for all of Skyrim. This is the day we send a message to Ulfric Stormcloak and the rebel Jarls who support him. But make no mistake. What we do here today, we do for Skyrim and her people. By cutting out the disease of this rebellion, we will make this country whole again! Ready now! Everyone, with me! For the Empire! For the Legion!

Show: Battle for Solitude
In Castle Dour:

After defeating all the soldiers stationed in the city streets, Ulfric will enter Castle Dour to confront General Tullius and Legate Rikke. Once inside, Rikke and Tullius will be found in the war room. Tullius, having given up at this point, will offer little resistance. However, Rikke will refuse to allow Ulfric to kill her general, saying that she would rather die for the cause she believes in than surrender.

Ulfric: "Secure the door."
Galmar: "Already done."
Rikke: "Ulfric. Stop."
Ulfric: "Stop what? Taking Skyrim back from those who'd leave her to rot?"
Rikke. "You're wrong. Ulfric. We need the Empire. Without it Skyrim will assuredly fall to the Dominion."
Galmar: "You were there with us. You saw it. The day the Empire signed that damn treaty was the day the Empire died."
Ulfric: "The Empire is weak, obsolete. Look at how far we've come and with so little. When we're done rooting out Imperial influence here at home, then we will take our war to the Aldmeri Dominion."
Rikke: "You're a damn fool."
Galmar: "Stand aside woman. We've come for the General."
Rikke: "He has given up. But I have not."
Ulfric: "Rikke. Go. You're free to leave."
Rikke: "I'm also free to stay and fight for what I believe in."
Ulfric: "You're also free to die for it."
Rikke: "This is what you wanted? Shield brothers and sisters killing each other? Families torn apart? This is the Skyrim you want?!"
Galmar: "Damnit woman, stand aside."
Rikke: "That's not the Skyrim I want to live in."
Ulfric: "Rikke. You don't have to do this."
Rikke: "You've left me no choice... Talos preserve us."

(At this point Rikke fights the Stormcloaks.)

Show: Battle for Windhelm
In the Palace of the Kings:

Tullius: "Secure the door."
Rikke: "Already done, sir."
Tullius: "Ulfric Stormcloak! You are guilty of insurrection, murder of Imperial citizens, the assassination of King Torygg, and high treason against the Empire. It's over."
(Galmar draws his iron battleaxe)
Galmar: "Not while I'm still breathing, it's not."
(Rikke sheathes her steel sword, refusing to fight Galmar)
Rikke: "Step aside Galmar. We're here to accept Ulfric's surrender."
Ulfric: "I'll never surrender Skyrim into the hands of a corrupt and dying Empire."
Rikke: "Skyrim doesn't belong to you, Ulfric."
Ulfric: "No... But I belong to her."
Tullius: "Enough! You are traitors and will die traitors' deaths. Stand down and face public execution, or advance and face summary execution by my hands. It matters little to me. Either way I'll be sending your heads back to Cyrodiil."
Galmar: "Well? What are we waiting for?"
(Ulfric rises from his throne, draws his enchanted steel war axe, and faces the General, Rikke, and the Dragonborn with Galmar.)

After Galmar is killed and Ulfric is on his knees:

Tullius: "Well Ulfric, you can't escape from me this time. Any last requests before I send you to... to wherever you people go when you die."
Rikke: "Sovngarde... sir."
Tullius: "Right. Well?"
Ulfric: "Let the Dragonborn be the one to do it. It'll make for a better song."
Tullius: "Song or not, I just want it done."

After deciding who gets to kill Ulfric:

Rikke: "Talos be with you..."
Tullius: "What was that, Legate?"
Rikke: "Nothing. Just saying goodbye."
Tullius: "Well, the men will be expecting some kind of speech. And we'll need to hand the city over to that Free-Winter fellow."
Rikke: "Brunwulf. Yes, I've sent men to protect him and bring him here. Windhelm will need a government quickly if we are to prevent more violence."
Tullius: "The Legion will be staying here for quite some time. I don't expect there to be any further violence."

After leaving the palace:

Rikke: "Attention! General Tullius has an announcement!"
Tullius: "The rebellion is over! Ulfric Stormcloak is dead!"
Imperial Soldiers: (Cheer)
Tullius: "His head will be sent to Cyrodiil where it will adorn a spike on the walls of the Imperial City! Let this day be a final warning to those who still call themselves Stormcloaks! We are turning the city over to Brunwulf Free-Winter, an honorable and faithful man! Many of you will be staying in Windhelm to aid the Jarl in restoring order and stamping out any embers of rebellion that may still smolder here! In appreciation for your exemplary service, I am doubling your pay and compensation for the widows of your fallen comrades!"
Imperial Soldiers: (Cheer)
Tullius: "I am proud of all of you! All hail the Emperor! All hail his legionaires!"
Imperial Soldiers: (Cheer)

After the speech:

Tullius: "I hate giving speeches."
Rikke: "It wasn't so bad."
Tullius: "I hope we haven't just created a martyr."
Rikke: "There's bound to be resistance. There are still Stormcloak camps, tucked away in the hills. They'll no doubt strike wherever and whenever they can. But, without Ulfric to inflame their passions, they'll settle down and return to their homes eventually."
Tullius: "I pray you're right, Legate. In the meantime, we'll continue to root them out and put them to the sword. We couldn't have done this without you. The Empire glories in your accomplishments. (Speaking to the Dragonborn.) Come Rikke, there's still much to be done."
(Tullius and Rikke depart to return to Solitude and Castle Dour)

Show: Unused dialogue
In Riften:[1]

Maven: "I think I'll like living here."
Laila: "So enters Maven Black-Briar, the glint of Imperial coin in her eyes. So tell me, what's the price for a woman's integrity these days?"
Maven: "You never were able to see the forest for the trees, were you?"
Laila: "We Nords were proud warriors once. And we still could be. Evidenced by the men and women who fought and died bravely today. You could see that if you had any faith left in that black heart of yours. But no, you're content to snatch scraps falling off the Emperor's table. Fine. Take my home. Take my city. May it burn down around you."
Maven: "A bit melodramatic, even for you Laila. Pack your things and go."
Laila: "One day when you can see past your own interests, you will come to see that we were right. And this... This is all wrong."
Rikke: "If you ladies are finished bickering, there's much to be done. Jarl Black-Briar put your government together. Do it now, or there will be rioting in the streets. We must move quickly to prevent further violence."
Maven: "Jarl Black-Briar. I must admit, I do like the sound of that. And don't worry about any rioting, Legate. I have it under control. We will soon begin publicly executing captured men. That should send a clear message to the people."
Laila: "Yes, but not likely the one you intend."
Maven: "Oh? I don't expect anyone to miss my meaning. Come, Legate. There's much to do."


Quote Audio
"I don't fight for the glory of the Empire, nor do I glory in the death of my kinsmen. I fight to bring peace and order to my homeland."
"Stormcloaks... even the name of their rebellion stinks of Ulfric's vanity. He wants to be king. That's all this is about. One man's ambition."
"When we destroy the rebellion, perhaps the Thalmor will call off their damned inquisitions. It's just making things worse."
"Many of my countrymen joined the rebels. They can't see the big picture. Skyrim needs the Empire as much as it needs us."
"The General and I have our disagreements, but he's the best hope for both the Empire and Skyrim."
"Sometimes I wonder if the gods have abandoned us... as we have abandoned them."
"Damnit! Why can't Ulfric see he's tearing Skyrim to pieces?"
"The sooner we end this rebellion, the sooner I'll be able to sleep at night."
"Ulfric... what have you done my old friend?"
"What I do, I do for Skyrim and her people."
"Sometimes I miss being out there in the middle of the action."
"The general expects so much with so little."
"The bitter war of the world beyond was all for naught."
"We are all trapped in Alduin's web - for our allegiance he cares not, but devours us equally - doom unescapable."
"Shor as well - he welcomes all heroes to his kingly hall, if we could but reach it."
"Are you lost?" (First encounter)
"Were the Stormcloaks to prevail in dismantling Imperial rule in Skyrim, who would be her protector? No. We will crush this rebellion. We must do." [?]
"Every Legionnaire's secret weapon lies in this: knowledge of himself. And like any blade, he must be forged between the hammer and the anvil." [?]
"In these grave times each Legionnaire must be his better self at all times and under all conditions." [?]
"Something to report?"
"Ulfric would expunge from Skyrim citizens whose only crime was to be born of a non-Nordic woman. That is unacceptable to free men everywhere." [?]
"Talking peace with Ulfric? You must be an optimist." (During "Season Unending") [?]
"I'm glad I finally got a chance to see this place." (During "Season Unending") [?]
"We should get started." (During "Season Unending") [?]



  • Legate Rikke is voiced by Claudia Christian, who also voices Aela the Huntress, as well as another ex-Imperial Legate, Brina Merilis.
  • During the quest "Dragonslayer," Legate Rikke may assist the Dragonborn with fighting Alduin if she happens to wander close to the site of the battle. Note that this can happen only if Dragonborn has joined the Stormcloaks, and finished with the Civil War questline.
  • While all Imperial soldiers come equipped with an Imperial Sword and Imperial Shield, Legate Rikke uses a Steel Sword and Steel Shield of her own.
  • Rikke's hair will change to a ponytail during the Battle for Whiterun.
  • After the Battle for Windhelm, she will sometimes state "Ulfric... what have you done my old friend," indicating that at one point she and Ulfric were friends during their time in the Legion.