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"I wonder what the lens of history will show when our people look back on this day? Will my brother and I be remembered as the saviors of our race? Or will we be known as monsters and horrors?"

Legate Sadal was a Chimer military commander who led the defense of Stonefalls during the Nedic invasion of Resdayn in the First Era. Sadal, alongside his brother, General Balreth sacrificed themselves to become the Brothers of Strife, twin flaming Bone Colossus that obliterated the marauding Nedic forces.


"All my life I fought for the Chimer. I skirmished with the Dwemer and drove beasts from the Ashlands, until a greater threat loomed."

Although very little information exists regarding their childhood, Sadal and his brother Balreth were likely born to Chimer parents in the early years of the First Era.[1][2] At the time, the fledgling Chimer kingdom of Resdayn controlled large swathes of territory along the shores of the Inner Sea, particularly in the regions of Stonefalls and Vvardenfell.[3] Most of this territory, however, remained vulnerable to attack as Resdayn was surrounded by hostile neighbors. To the north, lay the agnostic and technologically advanced Dwemer city-states with which the Chimer had fought numerous wars in the name of religion and territorial expansion.[4] To the south, the Chimer regularly raided the various Argonian tribes of northern Black Marsh in order to acquire the ever-growing numbers of slaves their society required.[5] Finally, in addition to these more organized threats, the Chimer were also forced to contend with the aggressive local fauna.[6]

General Balreth

Sadal's brother, General Balreth, with whom he shared command of the Chimer armies during the Nedic invasion of Stonefalls in the First Era.

Born into this tumultuous environment, Sadal served his people as a warrior for the majority of his life.[6] Against the familiar foes of the Chimer, such as the Dwemer and the wild beasts of the Ashlands, Sadal honed his skills as both warrior and leader.[6] Eventually, he achieved the rank of legate, and in the process, gained a reputation as one of the greatest military leaders of the Chimer.[3][6]

However, Sadal and the Chimer had yet to face an unfamiliar foe that would ultimately prove their greatest challenge - a precursor race of men known as the Nedes.[7] Emerging from the frozen tundras and mountains of Skyrim, these forebears of the Nords invaded the lands of Resdayn from the west.[3] The Nedic warchiefs led parties of raiders that pillaged and burned throughout Stonefalls, massacring any mer they discovered along the way.[3][8] Initial attempts by the Chimer to diplomatically resolve the conflict were violently rebuffed by the Nedes as they pushed further into Chimer territory.[3]

As the greatest military leaders available to Resdayn, Sadal and his brother Balreth were called upon to command the Chimer armies in their attempt to expel the Nedic invaders.[3] The brothers subsequently launched an offensive aiming to drive the Nedes from the Ashlands; however, their advance proved untenable and their armies were forced into defensive positions for the remainder of the conflict.[3] Over the next several years, further Nedic incursions gradually pushed the brothers and their forces deeper into the interior of Stonefalls.[3] Throughout the course of this incremental retreat, Sadal and Balreth sacrificed many of their warriors in order to acquire enough time to evacuate Chimer civilians stranded in the path of the Nedic invasion.[8][3]

Although their retreat in the face of the Nedic advance prevented their forces from being completely destroyed, the number of defensible positions to which the Chimer could retreat grew ever smaller.[3] Their cities were besieged and their sources of food were razed to the ground.[8] The Nedes further tightened the noose by securing the Inner Sea, preventing the Chimer on Vvardenfell from dispatching supplies and reinforcements to aid the brothers in their struggle to defend Stonefalls.[3]

With their armies reduced to a small force of battle-hardened veterans, their supplies severely diminished, and their ability to retreat taken from them, a desperate Sadal and Balreth agreed to a last-ditch strategy devised by their sorcerers.[6]

Post mortem




Window on the Past


The Brothers Will Rise



Show: Window on the Past

"Wait. This is where the final battle took place. Why am I here?"

Help me understand the past. Tell me about the battle. "All my life I fought for the Chimer. I skirmished with the Dwemer and drove beasts from the Ashlands, until a greater threat loomed. The Nedes struck Stonefalls with a lust for territory and slaughter. They were men of the north, violent and cruel."
The Chimer were losing? "My brother and I were the greatest generals of the Chimer. Yet even we couldn't stem the tide of Nedic muscle and iron. We were desperate. The sorcerers' plan to create the Brothers of Strife offered us a way out."
And you took it. "There could be no peace with the Nedes. I became one of the Brothers to serve my people."
Thank you, Sadal.
Show: The Brothers Will Rise

"The Chimer were powerful. We thought we could face any challenge. Even at the end, we were arrogant and proud. But I will not believe our sacrifice was in vain."

"Quickly, soldier. Speak with Turoni. We have little time left, and my brother grows angrier by the moment."

"I don't know if I can go through with this, soldier. These sorcerers ask much. Everything, in fact."

What have they told you? "They've created a spell to fill us with raw elemental power, greater than our enemies can stand - if it works. What they can't say is what happens to us. Will my brother and I remain or will we be nothing but beasts of destruction?"
Are you ready for this? "Yes, I must be. I wonder what the lens of history will show when our people look back on this day? Will my brother and I be remembered as the saviors of our race? Or will we be known as monsters and horrors?"
Good luck, Sadal.



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