Not to be confused with Leifnar.

Leifnarr was a Nord farmer who was killed by a small group of bandits. His body can be found in Broken Helm Hollow behind a secret door in the rock wall leading to a torture room. Upon finding his body, his wife, Grosta, or his, son Gralnach, can be told of his death to complete the quest. Pulling the arrow from Leifnarr's chest causes the Dragonborn to realize that Leifnarr is dead. Grosta will express remorse at his death, chiding herself for assuming he was being unfaithful. They can be found at the Heartwood Mill, west of Riften.


Flight or FightEdit

Grosta needs help finding her husband, Leifnarr, who has been missing for a few months. Leifnarr's body can be found in Broken Helm Hollow.


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  •  PC   360   PS3   PS4   XB1   NX   If Leifnarr's body is found before talking to Grosta, the dialogue for reporting his death does not appear with either his son or his wife.
    •  PC(Fix)   It can be cleared on PC by using console command: setstage e3ea5 30.
    •  360(Fix)   Only known fixs are to load back to a time before you found his body or by killing Grosta at Heartwood Mill and fail the mission
    •  PS3(Fix)   This bug cannot be fixed on PS3, but it can be failed and moved off the active quest list by killing Grosta at Heartwood Mill.
  •  PC   The usual link between the Journal entry of the quest and a map location is broken. A likely related issue is that the "caret" symbol on the directional indicator at the top of the screen did not point anywhere, even when this quest was the primary one.
  • If Leifnarr is a Dead Thrall when one speaks to Grosta, the quest may clear and then reappear. Similarly, if Leifnarr's body is searched again or activated as a thrall, the quest will become active again. However, there is no way to clear it on a console.
  • There can be two Miscellaneous quests which consist of the one given by Grosta and the one received when one unexpectedly uncovers Leifnarr's body. This can happen when searching for him at the request of Grosta and his body is examined by activating it. The bugged quest is then given in addition to the conclusion quest for the one given by Grosta. Both quests may still be completed. Whether or not this counts as an extra count for the Miscellaneous category of quests in the settings screen has not been confirmed.
  • Leifnarr's body may be discovered a second time at a different location, such as Orotheim, after the initial quest has been completed. The option to report his death does not show up when talking to his son or wife.


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