Leifur is a Nord lumberjack. He can be found at Anga's Mill, where he lives and works.


Leifur can be found at Anga's Mill where he is under the employment of Aeri and the company of Kodrir, a Nord whom he lives with in Anga's Mill Common House. He thinks of Kodrir as a rival and can be seen arguing with him about always complaining about work while he works hard.


Letter from LeifurEdit

If the Dragonborn kills Kodrir, Leifnur will send them a letter saying thank you, and that he will not tell the authorities. They can also go back and talk to him, but he will urge them not to discuss the incident.

Rescue MissionEdit

Leifur is a potential captive in the rescue mission given by The Companions.


  • Leifur is voiced by Christian Svensson.
  • There is a chance that the Dragonborn can receive the letter from him, even if they kill him right after Kodrir.


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