"You should head on inside. Eydis or Skuli can take care of you."
―Leontius Salvius[src]


Leontius Salvius is an Imperial food vendor, who spends his days chopping wood and helping out at Old Hroldan Inn.


He's the son of Rogatus Salvius and Vigdis Salvius, who reside at the Salvius Farm in Markarth. According to his father, Leontius has distanced himself from his relatives, and rarely visits. He can at times seem disgruntled and often retreats indoors at Old Hroldan to drink mead.


Rogatus' LetterEdit

Rogatus Salvius can be found outside working in his garden and after speaking to him, he will inform the Dragonborn of his strained relationship with his son, Leontius Salvius. He asks them to deliver a personal letter to Leontius at Old Hroldan Inn.


  • "I work for Eydis. She runs the inn."


  • In Rogatus's letter, Leontius is misspelled as "Leonitus."
  • Killing him may result in Hired Thugs tracking down the Dragonborn. There is a contract on one of them, from Rogatus Salvius. If Rogatus Salvius is killed, Leontius might send the Hired Thugs to track down the Dragonborn.


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