Lette is a Redguard Commoner who resides in Tel Mora. She isolates herself on the northern outskirts of the city, fearful of infecting others with the Swamp Fever that plagues her.


The Nerevarine first encountered Lette on the northern shores of Tel Mora. She said that she was diseased, asked to be left alone, and would not discuss the matter any further.

It was not until Tharer Rotheloth of the Tribunal Temple in Molag Mar requested that Lette be cured that she was more forthcoming with the details of her illness. She said that she was left weakened by the fever, and feared that the wandering priests would not happen by in time to cure her.

The Nerevarine promptly used whatever means was available at hand to cure Lette. She offered her thanks, and reported that she felt better afterwards.


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This character uses the following:




Tribunal TempleEdit

  • Cure Lette – Word of Lette's illness has spread to Tharer Rotheloth of the Tribunal Temple, who would like to see her cured.


Greeting "Please. Leave me alone. I am not feeling well. I am diseased. You should go unless you want to catch it."

Greeting (as a member of the Tribunal Temple) "Yes. I have Swamp Fever. My head is swimming and I feel terribly weak."

Swamo Fever "It's awful. I hope it will go away soon. There are no temples here and none of the wandering priests are anywhere to be found. Do you seek to heal me?"
"No." "Well, please leave me then. I need some fresh air."
"Yes. I'd like to try." "You... you will? Oh, you're from the Temple, aren't you? Well, go ahead."
"I shall use a spell." "Fine. Go ahead."
"I offer you this potion." (not having a Potion of Cure Common Disease) "Oh? Where is this potion? You'll have to give it to me for me to drink it."
"I offer you this potion." (having a Potion of Cure Common Disease) "I cannot thank you enough. <drinks>"
Greeting "Thank you for curing me, [PC Name]."
Swamp Fever "I feel much better, thank you."


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