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The Letter from Llaalam Dredil is a unique book written and owned by Llaalam Dredil. It discusses an agreement about price increases. The letter is directed to J'Zhirr as the Nerevarine must deliver it during the quest "Dredil's Delivery."


The Letter from Llaalam Dredil is in possession of its author Llaalam Dredil at the Grand Council Chambers inside the castle in Ebonheart. After the associated quest "Dredil's Delivery," J'Zhirr will have it.


Dredil's DeliveryEdit

During this miscellaneous quest, Llaalam Dredil asks the Nerevarine to deliver the letter to J'Zhirr in the East Empire Company Hall. She will in return give them a note for Llaalam.



Enclosed is a listing of price increases we discussed. They have been agreed upon by all who must, and may be put into effect when payment is received. Our agreement may continue in force upon payment. -LD

Durable Goods - +15%
Raw Minerals - +18%
Textiles - +13 %
Paper Products - +6%
Weaponry - +8%
Armor - +8%
D. Artifacts - +35%