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Letter from Rigmor to Risi is a condemning piece of evidence found under a pillow at Ice-Mane's Hut in Skaal Village.


The Skaal Test of WisdomEdit

Rigmor Halfhand is accusing Engar Ice-Mane of theft, and as a test of wisdom the Nerevarine is to determine if the allegation is true. During the ensuing investigation the Nerevarine finds this letter, revealing an affair between Rigmor and Engar's wife, Risi. Armed with this piece evidence the Nerevarine eventually determines that the accusation of theft is a ruse to get Engar out of the way so that the affair may continue.


Dearest Risi,

Why will you not see me? You know how I feel, and I know you feel the same about me. Please, simply consent to speak to me. Just a word, a moment with you, would ease my soul. If I cannot be with you, I will have to resort to something drastic.

Please, consider your feelings. Your husband is a lout, away for weeks at a time, with no consideration for your needs. I have always been there for you, and I always will be. We should be together, dear Risi.



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