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Leveled items refer to loot or quest rewards that vary in strength due to Character Level. At lower levels, these items have weaker base stats, while at high levels, these stats increase.

In order to make the most of these weapons and armors, the Dragonborn should obtain these weapons once they have the highest base damage/defense value.

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  • Nightingale Armor – Acquired during the course of the Thieves Guild quest "Trinity Restored" – Best version is available at or above level 32.
  • Shield of Solitude – The Shield of Solitude is given as a reward by Falk Firebeard upon completion of the quest "The Wolf Queen Awakened" – Best version is available at or above level 40.
  • Miraak MaskDR – The mask can be acquired from the remains of Miraak at the conclusion of the quest "At the Summit of Apocrypha"DR – Best version is available at or above level 60.



A leveled item will use the base stats from when the Dragonborn first enters the item's location. If the Dragonborn does not collect the item and leaves, the base stats will remain the same as when the area was first entered, regardless of the Dragonborn's level when returning and claiming the item.

e.g. The Dragonborn enters the Riftweald Manor at Level 12, but chooses not to take Chillrend as this will overburden him/her. The Dragonborn continues his/her adventures, returning to Riftweald Manor at level 27. Despite the Dragonborn's level being 27, the base stats had previously been set to level 11–18.

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