"You will advance through the ranks of the Fighters Guild when you have proven your merit."
Modryn Oreyn[src]

Leyawiin FG quote

It is the guildhall of the Fighters Guild in the city of Leyawiin, which is located in the south-west portion of the city. It is a large red building just to the north and across the street from the Blackwood Company Hall and just south and to the east of the Leyawiin Mages Guild.

Architectural designEdit

This guildhall has four main areas as follows: Ground floor, second floor (west and east wings), third floor, and basement. The ground floor is large, with several rooms. The second floor has two wings to it, with an armory, library, and two sleeping areas. It is worth mentioning that the armory has a full set of steel armor, minus the gauntlets, as well as two silver longswords and a shortswords; there are several other weapons and armor pieces of lesser quality.

The third floor is Sherina's quarters. The basement area has a training facility and a seating area, with weapons and other objects lying around.


At the guildhallEdit

This guildhall's residents include Antus Flonius, Brodras, Sherina, S'kasha, and a Fighters Guild Porter. Only Brodras sleeps on the ground floor, while most of the members are somewhere in this main area during the daytime.

Around townEdit

There are also other Fighters Guild members around the city of Leyawiin, namely Cingor, who patrols the streets trying to prevent crime, as well as Vantus Prelius, Rellian, and Dubok gro-Shagk who make trouble in the Drunk and Disorderly guild quest issued by Modryn Oreyn in Chorrol.



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