"How long will Bruma need our help? Count Caro's orders were to return to Leyawiin as soon as Bruma was secure."
―Leyawiin Soldier[src]

Leyawiin Soldier is an Imperial soldier. He appears to help with the Defense of Bruma if help is sought from Leyawiin during Allies for Bruma.


Allies for BrumaEdit

The Hero of Kvatch is tasked with obtaining aid from the cities of Cyrodiil to defend Bruma from the Daedra invasion.

Defense of BrumaEdit

If Leyawiin sends aid during the quest Allies for Bruma, their soldier will fight during this quest.


The Great GateEdit

Martin Septim: "Soldiers of Cyrodiil! The Empire will stand or fall by what we do here today! Will we let the daedra do to Bruma what they did to Kvatch? Will we let them burn our homes? We will let them kill our families? No! We make our stand here, today, for the whole of Cyrodiil! We must hold fast until the Hero of Kvatch can destroy their Great Gate. We must kill whatever comes out of that gate! Soldiers of Cyrodiil! Do you stand with me?"
Chorrol Soldier: "For Chorrol!"
Cheydinhal Soldier: "For Cheydinhal!"
Anvil Soldier: "For Anvil!"
Skingrad Soldier: "Skingrad!"
Bruma Soldier: "For Bruma!"
Kvatch Soldier: "Remember Kvatch!"
Leyawiin Soldier: "Leyawiin!"


  • "I can't stay long. Count Caro's orders were to return to Leyawiin as soon as Bruma was safe."


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