Lhotun is the former King of Sentinel. Lhotun was the fourth child of Queen Akorithi and King Camaron of Sentinel.

When the agent of Uriel Septim VII visited Sentinel, Lhotun asked him to uncover the rumored third prince of Sentinel in exchange for information on Lysandus' death. In a ruin, the agent found the remains of the third prince, Arthago. The third prince was Arthago, he had been left to die because of his frail body and to avoid future difficulty in the Sentinel Court.

Lhotun then told the agent that Lysandus had a secret lover, Medora Direnni. She had been banished by the dowager Queen Mynisera, and was also cursed by Nulfaga. In order to meet the sorceress, he told the agent, was to go to Direnni Tower and fight off the undead and daedric creatures.

After the death of Queen Akorithi, and his older brother and official heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Sentinel, Greklith, Lhotun took the throne and became the King of Sentinel. Slowly, he chased the murderers and dealt with them.




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