Liberate the Limeware is a miscellaneous quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. The questgiver Alarvyne Indalas runs the Glassworker's Hall in Vivec City and has had trouble lately to get hold of Dwarven limeware.

Background[edit | edit source]

Alarvyne Indalas sells fine glassware in her store in the St. Delyn Canton in Vivec. She used to sell exotic items, but that trade has suffered due to trade restrictions and the unfair activities of the East Empire Company merchant Bolrin. Alarvyne claims that he has been manipulating the prices and is holding back the selling licenses for the products in question. Hence, the Glassworker's Hall has run low on these precious wares.

Alarvyne hopes for the Nerevarine to help her restock some of the items. She knows of a shipment of Dwarven limeware currently held in Ebonheart on a ship called Chun-Ook. She asks the Nerevarine if they would "recover" the probably heavely guarded items for her unnoticed. She promises a generous payment of 1500 Gold for this slightly dubious service.

Quick walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Accept Alarvyne Indalas' request of stealing the Dwarven limeware.
  • Optional: Talk to Boldrin
  • Enter Chun-Ook and steal the limeware unseen
  • Return to Alarvyne to deliver the limeware OR bring the limeware to Boldrin

Detailed walkthrough[edit | edit source]

When the Nerevarine accepts the task, Alarvyne warns them to look out for fakes. She expects the Nerevarine to find 10 pieces of bowls and cups. The Nerevarine should now head to Ebonheart. Here, they could confront Boldrin with Alarvyne's accusations, or they could directly proceed to the ship to try and steal the limeware. If confronting Boldrin, he will claim to know nothing of a shipment of Dwarven limeware and says he will not believe such a thing until he has seen proof.

Anyway, the Nerevarine will need to locate the ship Chun-Ook and force entry. They will need to pick a level 25-locked trapdoor. There is a guard patrolling, and the shipmaster Nevosi Hlan stands on deck. Inside, another trapdoor with a level 30 lock must be overcome. Two guards are complicating matters, and if caught, will approach the Nerevarine while saying "You can't be in here, Dunmer (Race). And I'm afraid I can't let you leave. The Company wouldn't like that at all.". The limeware consists of five limeware bowls and the same number of limeware cups and are stored inside a crate in the belly of the ship.

Once in possession of the valuable items, the Nerevarine can either return to Alarvyne as agreed, or deliver the goods to Bolrin to prove the illegal activities. If they choose to address Bolrin, he will thank the Nerevarine for uncover the truth and state that the guard will pay for this. He takes the Dwarven limeware from the Nerevarine and pays them 500 Gold for his honesty, advising them nevertheless to keep their distance from his ships in the future. If the Nerevarine returns the goods to Alarvyne Indalas as agreed at the beginning, she will pay the promised 1500 Gold for the Dwarven limeware.

Reward[edit | edit source]

  • 1500 Gold if the Nerevarine returns the Dwarven limeware to Alarvyne as agreed.
  • 500 Gold if the Nerevarine decides to bring Bolrin the Dwarven limeware.

Journal[edit | edit source]

Liberate the Limeware - EB_Shipment
ID Journal Entry
10 Alarvyne Indalas, a trader in the St.Delyn's Glassworks, would like me to steal a shipment of limeware from a ship in Ebonheart. She claims that Bolryn at the East Empire Company has been manipulating the costs, and charging huge mark-ups for all the merchandise. If I steal the limeware, she promises to reward me very well.
20 I have agreed to steal the limeware for Alarvyne Indalas. It is supposed to be held up in customs aboard of the Chun-Ook, which is docked in Ebonheart. I should expect it to be well guarded, though.
  • Quest accepted
30 I have decided not to steal the limeware for Alarvyne Indalas.
  • Quest failed
35 I spoke to Bolrin about the limeware, but did not give it to him. 50 I have taken the limeware and returned it to Bolryn at the East Empire Company. He was not happy to hear I was able to breach the security on the ship, but rewarded me for the information, and for the return of the limeware.
  • Quest completed
40 I have recovered the limeware and returned it to Alarvyne Indalas, who rewarded me well for my efforts.
  • Quest completed
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