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Library of Vivec is a location found in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


It is a library in Vivec City, which is accessible from the Hall of Wisdom beneath the High Fane in Vivec, Temple Canton. It has a very large collection of books. Mehra Milo can be found here.


Main QuestEdit

Vivec InformantsEdit

The Nerevarine must speak to three informants within the city of Vivec City about the Sixth House and Nerevarine Cult, one being Mehra Milo at the Library of Vivec.

Thieves GuildEdit

Land DeedEdit

Steal a land deed from the library in Vivec City to save a woman's home.


Ahnassi, a Special FriendEdit

Romance with Ahnassi, a Khajiit in Pelagiad looking for love.



The following are all of the books found in the library:

36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 27 (Speechcraft skill book) Aedra and Daedra The Affairs of Wizards Ancestors and the Dunmer
The Annotated Anuad Antecedents of Dwemer Law The Anticipations Arcana Restored
The Arcturian Heresy Biography of Barenziah, v 1 Biography of Barenziah, v 2 Biography of Barenziah, v 3
The Book of Dawn and Dusk The Book of Daedra Brief History of the Empire v 1 Brief History of the Empire v 2
Brief History of the Empire v 3 Brief History of the Empire v 4 The Brothers of Darkness The Cantatas of Vivec
The Changed Ones Children of the Sky Chronicles of Nchuleft The Consolations of Prayer
Darkest Darkness The Eastern Provinces... The Firmament Five Songs of King Wulfharth
Jester's Boots Grasping Fortune The House of Troubles Invocation of Azura
Lives of the Saints Mixed Unit Tactics Mysterious Akavir On Oblivion
Gods and Worship The Pilgrim's Path Progress of Truth The Real Barenziah, Book I
The Real Barenziah, Book II The Real Barenziah, Book III The Real Barenziah, Book IV Reflections on Cult Worship
Saryoni's Sermons Special Flora of Tamriel The True Noble's Code Vivec and Mephala



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