"Like fighting Daedra? Good news! You'll find no shortage of them here."
―Lieutenant Sathis[src]

Lieutenant Sathis is a Dunmer lieutenant of the Ebonheart Pact stationed in the Imperial City Sewers, inside the Ebonheart Pact base.


What's the situation, lieutenant? "We've been sent here to secure a foothold for the Pact's invasion of the Imperial City. I leapt at the opportunity to serve on the front lines. Had I known that the front would be a fetid rat-hole... well, no sense dwelling on it."

How goes the fight? "Slow going, but I believe we're making modest gains. We're slaughtering the cultists wholesale. It's the Daedra that are the real problem. They can't die, you see. It's infuriating. All we can do is try to staunch the bleeding."
What's our strategy? "General Nesh-Tan can best speak to that. She's the Argonian over there. A capable leader to be sure, but colder than a wraith's pajamas. She's warmed a bit since we took the sewer, though. To be honest, I think she's enjoying herself down here."


  • "Here to lend a hand? There is no shortage of work to do."
  • "You look somewhat confused. If you're looking for the Pact's stronghold, you've found it. It's a bit homely, I know, but it will grow on you... much like a fungus."
  • "I never thought our glorious invasion of the Imperial City would look so... wet."



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