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Light is a craftable spell in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind that creates a glowing light around the target. The target may be oneself or another character/creature, and the light will last up to 60 seconds or until the target dies. With a casting area of 30, a duration of 30 seconds, and a magnitude of 20, the cost of this spell would be 9.23 MagickaIcon (calculated from a base cost of 0.20). If the spell does not hit a character/creature, the spell will have no effect.


  • This light may be used as an aid for navigation in dark passageways, but the player should take note that doing so would negate the stealth ability. A more desirable means of seeing in the dark would be to use Night-Eye.
  • An alternative to using magicka to obtain light in dark spaces is to carry a light source such as a torch or lantern; however, the player would have to give up the use of a two-handed weapon or a shield to do so.


The following ingredients may be combined to create potions of light:

The table below lists the potions that may be created using these ingredients:Edit

Potion Weight WeightIcon Duration Magnitude Total Cost MagickaIcon ValueGoldIcon
Bargain Potion of Light 1.5 8 5 1.62 5
Cheap Potion of Light 1.00 15 8 4.82 15
Standard Potion of Light 0.75 30 10 12.02 35
Quality Potion of Light 0.5 45 15 27.02 80
Exclusive Potion of Light 0.25 60 20 48.02 175


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