Light Armor Training is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.


The low level Light Armor trainers are Dul gro-Shug, who has a house in the northeast quadrant of the Imperial City, Elven Gardens District and Olfand, who works out of Nord Winds in Bruma.

The medium trainers are Luciana Galena, a Thieves Guild fence who has a house in the southern section of Bravil (right above the house for sale), and Ahdarji, who has a house in Leyawiin (just west of the Castle's southern gate) and appears in the Thieves Guild quest, "Ahdarji's Heirloom."


At a skill of 70, they'll send the Hero to the master, J'bari, who shares a house in south-central Leyawiin with midlevel Acrobatics trainer Tsrava. J'Bari wants a new Elven Cuirass before he can train the Hero. If their level is lower than 15 (where Elven Armor starts to make an appearance), it is still possible to take one off of Azani Blackheart in the Fighters Guild quest of the same name.


Journal Entry
  • Update: Upon receiving the quest:

I've been told that if I want more Light Armor training, I need to talk to J'bari in Leyawiin.

  • Update: After speaking to J'bari:

I need to bring J'bari an Elven Cuirass if I want him to train me in Light Armor use.

  • Update: After bringing J'bari an elven cuirass:

J'bari has agreed to help with my Light Armor training.

  • Quest complete
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