Light the Dragonfires is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. With the Amulet of Kings in hand, it is now time for Martin Septim to return to the Imperial City, claim the Septim Throne, and light the Dragonfires in order to stop the Daedric invasion.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Cloud Ruler Temple[edit | edit source]

The Hero must escort Martin Septim to the Elder Council Chambers in order to present his claim to the Septim Throne. However, before leaving, be sure to stock up on any necessary items such as potions, arrows, repair hammers, etc. If the Hero leaves Martin at Cloud Ruler Temple to get these items, when they return to escort him, he will be waiting in the stables to the left of the entrance.

Imperial City[edit | edit source]

At the Elder Council Chambers

When ready, take Martin to see Chancellor Ocato in the Elder Council Chambers, located in the Imperial City Palace. Midway through the conversation, an Imperial Legion soldier will inform them the Imperial City is under attack by Daedra. Martin will inform the Hero that they must proceed to the Temple of the One. A pair of Dremora burst into the council chamber itself. There are more Daedra outside the doors.

Protect Martin at all costs. Make sure he does not die, which may be quite difficult at higher levels, when only Xivilai, Dremora Valkynaz, and Storm Atronachs will spawn. There will be at least seven generic soldiers (two from the Imperial Palace and five from the Bastion), along with Ocato, and Baurus to help. If Baurus has died in an earlier quest, Captain Steffan will aid the Hero. If Steffan has died also, they do not receive help from anyone else.

Fighting with Daedra

The biggest fight occurs when the party enters the Temple quarter. The Hero should run through the entrance to the Temple District before Martin gets there, so that he will stay behind the door. This leaves them to fight all the Daedra on their own but stops him from being killed. If Martin comes through the gate make sure he stays alive at all costs.

There are swarms of Daedra pouring from several Oblivion gates, which could be a mixture of the aforementioned Daedra — it is advised that the Hero protect Martin. Note that the Hero cannot enter these gates, and if they kill the Daedra coming out of them, more will spawn.

Mehrunes Dagon has arrived

The gates are designed to keep a constant number of enemies on the field. Once Mehrunes Dagon arrives on site, Martin will speak to the Hero. The process can be hurried along by running away from Martin directly to the right in the Temple District so that they see Mehrunes Dagon. Otherwise, he moves very slowly, and they will be needlessly fighting Daedra until he gets to them. Run back to Martin for the conversation with him.

After the short talk with Martin, run for the Temple of the One's door at once and waste no time getting inside. Once they are inside Martin will appear inside. If they are not fast enough to run in, then attempt to hurt Dagon. He cannot be killed, unless the Hero possesses the Wabbajack staff from the Sheogorath shrine quest. Which in this case his life points will be replaced with a lesser creatures', causing him to turn into a glitchy mess when hit with a weapon or damaging spell. If he is hit without the staff's magic, he will be staggered if he is hit with enough power from one particular attack or spell.

Temple of One[edit | edit source]

Battle between Martin and Mehrunes Dagon

Inside the temple, Martin will show that he is indeed a Septim by turning into a Dragon — the Avatar of Akatosh — and battling with Mehrunes Dagon. Just before Martin turns into the avatar of Akatosh, he bids goodbye to the Hero. Mehrunes Dagon then rips off the roof of the Temple. A fight begins, ending in Martin defeating Mehrunes Dagon.

The Dragon, wounded from the fight, turns into a massive statue of Akatosh, similar to the statues in Talos Plaza and Market district.

Akatosh Statue

In the end, Martin's sacrifice not only managed to send all the Daedra back to Oblivion — his actions prohibit them from entering Tamriel. Even though the Septim Dynasty ended with his death, the Dragonfires will not have to be lit ever again.

Ocato, who came into the temple, announces that Martin Septim is the greatest emperor of the Septim Dynasty, possibly even greater than Tiber Septim himself, and will always be remembered. Ocato then bestows the title of the Champion of Cyrodiil to the Hero, and orders a suit of Imperial Dragon Armor to be delivered. However, he is concerned about the future of the empire. Without an emperor, he will need the support of the Champion in more recent times.

Journal[edit | edit source]

Light the Dragonfires – MQ16
ID Journal Entry
5 I must escort Martin to the Elder Council Chambers in the Imperial Palace, to formally present his claim to the Septim Throne.
10 We have arrived in the Elder Council Chamber. I must formally present Martin's claim to Chancellor Ocato, the head of the Elder Council.
14 On behalf of the Elder Council, Chancellor Ocato has recognized Martin as Uriel Septim's heir. Now all that remains is for Martin to light the Dragonfires in the Temple of the One.
20 The Imperial City is under attack! Oblivion Gates have opened all over the city and daedra are pouring out! I must escort Martin safely to the Temple of the One where he can light the Dragonfires, close the Oblivion Gates, and save the city!
30 Mehrunes Dagon is here! The barriers between Oblivion and Tamriel have been destroyed! Our only hope now is to somehow defeat Mehrunes Dagon and cast him back into Oblivion. Perhaps Martin will know what to do.
35 Martin said that while mortal weapons may hurt Mehrunes Dagon, they cannot destroy him. He said that if he can only reach the Temple of the One, there is still a chance to turn defeat into victory.
40 Martin and I are inside the Temple of the One. I must get Martin to the Dragonfires, or all hope is lost.
80 Martin shattered the Amulet of Kings and transformed himself into an avatar of Akatosh, the Dragon God of Time. In dragon form he banished Mehrunes Dagon to Oblivion and ended the Oblivion Crisis, and then vanished. Whether he is dead, or has ascended to join his ancestor Tiber Septim, no one knows.
  • Quest complete

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