The wreck of the Ice Runner

Given by Jaree-Ra in Solitude. He will approach the player stating that he has a plan to rob an Imperial ship which will soon dock in Solitude. He asks you to go to the Solitude Lighthouse and put out the fire there so that the ship will wreck on the nearby coast.


  1. Put out the fire in the Solitude Lighthouse.
  2. Return to Jaree-Ra.
  3. Find Deeja at the Wreck of the Icerunner.
  4. Speak to Deeja, to get your share of the loot.
  5. Defeat Deeja.
  6. Find out where Jaree-Ra's bandits took the loot.
  7. Travel to Broken Oar Grotto.
  8. Defeat Jaree-Ra.


Put out the fire in the Solitude Lighthouse.

You must go up-stairs and activate the fire to put it out. The Icerunner will then wreck on the shore.

Return to Jaree-Ra.

He will be in the Eastern Empire Company Docks. He will tell you that you've done your work well, and that the ship wrecked near the coast just as he wished. You must go to the Wreck of the Icerunner and speak to his sister, Deeja, to get your share of the loot.

Find Deeja at the Wreck of the Icerunner.

She will be located in the hull of the ship.

Note: It is possible to assault the Blackblood Marauders before talking to Deeja. Although you will may a harder fight, you will be able to take the loot from the boat before the marauders leave with it, either now or when the quest concludes.

Speak to Deeja , to get your share of the loot.

She will first thank you for your help with the Solitude Lighthouse and then tell you that you deserve a nice death, just before attempting to kill you.

Tip: You can kill her before talking with her and the story will still progress. This might make it easier if you are very good at sneaking. Risk of making the quest not update on PS3.

Defeat Deeja.

It's not like this will give you any problem. Just make sure you loot her body and take the Note from Jaree-Ra. You can also kill the remaining Blackblood Marauders without redemption.

Find out where Jaree-Ra 's bandits took the loot.

You must read the note you found on Deeja's corpse. It will tell you where they hid the loot.

Travel to Broken Oar Grotto.

It is near the Solitude Lighthouse, so it won't take you long to get there. If you just follow the coast you will run into some small boats with the entrance behind them. Be careful, there are many members of the faction inside and the place might be a little bit confusing.

Defeat Jaree-Ra .

He will be inside the Grotto and you won't have any problem finding him after a bit of searching. The quest is completed once you kill him.


There is no official reward for this quest.


  • If you have previously spoken to Ahtar, you may also have been asked to kill a Captain residing in Broken Oar Grotto. If so, you can complete both at the same time. You can go to him afterwards and earn the reward.
  • The Captain's Chest is located in the sunken ship near his quarters. It has a Master lock on it, but if you kill the Captain you can get his key to unlock it.

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