"I am Lilatha, Psijic master of the glazing glass. I have watched you from afar, and I believe we share the same goal. You seek to destroy these vengeful shadows, yes? I believe we can help each other."

Lilatha is an Altmer sorceress who is a member of the Psijic Order.

Later on, when the Vestige finally arrives in Artaeum, she can be found in one of the gardens reading a book. She does not regret losing her shadow and her arcane powers from Nocturnal's machinations, but is rather glad she has become a great teacher to initiates and would gladly pass on wisdom to her students.

Background[edit | edit source]

In her youth, Lilatha was an initiate of the Psijic Order in 1E 2920. She studied on the Isle of Artaeum, and used to have dark hair.[1] She was a student of Sotha Sil for some time,[1] and was the first one to speak with him after he returned from negotiating the Coldharbour Compact in Oblivion.[2] Later on, some time in the Second Era prior to the Planemeld, Lilatha traveled far beyond the boundaries of civilization, where "the fabric of the Mundus grows thin." She was reporting missives directed towards Iachesis, the Ritemaster of the Order. Lilatha later traveled to the Isle of Dranil Kir to investigate a Psijic scrying device, but unexpectedly found Divayth Fyr performing a Daedric ritual within the ruins. She interrupted him, much to his dismay, and requested he take his ritual someplace else.[3]

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Of Knives and Long Shadows[edit | edit source]

When all three scryers are rescued, a projection of Lilatha will appear and say "You would unravel the secret to these murderous shadows. Come speak with me."

To The Clockwork City[edit | edit source]


The Queen's Decree[edit | edit source]

The Vestige once again encounters Lilatha on Artaeum, relieved that they have saved the Clockwork City from Nocturnal.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Show: Of Knives and Long Shadows

"Do not be alarmed. Only you can see me. I am Lilatha, Psijic master of the glazing glass. I have watched you from afar, and I believe we share the same goal. You seek to destroy these vengeful shadows, yes? I believe we can help each other."

What are you asking me to do? "All the shadows' victims were seeking a Daedric artifact―an extraplanar antiquity that remains hidden from my sight. To solve these murders we must first locate the artifact. I require two objects to find it―an Anuic Lantern and a Liminal Lens."
Where are these objects? "I believe the lantern lies hidden in a sunken ship near Khenarthi's Roost. The lens rests in a coffer, deep within the Howling Sepulchers. Recover the items, then seek out my boat near Vulkhel Guard. Trust no one. Our enemies are very well-hidden."
Alright, but before I do this, I have questions. "I am sorry we can't have this conversation in person. I fear that I'm too tempting a target for this shadowy killer. I must remain hidden. You have questions? I urge you to keep them brief. There's no telling when our enemy will strike again."
You mentioned the Psijics? "Yes. I take it that you're unfamiliar with our order? That's hardly a surprise. We once served as advisors and teachers to the greatest kings and emperors, but no longer. We retreated to our hidden isle of Artaeum, content to study in seclusion."
Artaeum? "Indeed. It's an island beyond Tamriel's borders where we can research the truths of the Aurbis without interruption. That is the purpose of the Psijic Order, after all―to study magic for the betterment of all."
If that's true, why aren't you on Artaeum now? "There are... worrying signs. Portents that cannot be ignored. I fear that a Daedric threat looms over Tamriel. Nothing so crude and obvious as the Planemeld. No. It's something hidden, and I suspect that this Daedric artifact may hold some answers."
What do you plan to do with this lantern and the lens? "They are crucial components of an ancient Psijic mechanism known as the Obscuros."
What's an Obscuros? "The Obscuros is a scrying device. It magnifies a mage's perception and projects their visions for all to see. A powerful tool indeed. When my order retreated to Artaeum, we scattered the device's components to prevent it from being misused."
Where is this device now? "I'm afraid I can't say. The forces arrayed against us are too mysterious. They may have found a way to listen in. I can't risk divulging the Obscuros's location. Collect the item and I promise, my boat will be waiting for you in Vulkhel Guard."
Just your boat? "Indeed. A self-steering vessel of my own design. Climb aboard, and the enchantment I've placed on it will bring you to me directly. It's quite safe, I assure you."
Do you know anything about this Daedric artifact? "Very little. Daedric artifacts are notoriously difficult to track. Some misguided soul may discover one and wield it for a time, but it always vanishes eventually―sometimes for a week, sometimes for centuries."
Are they dangerous? "Oh, yes. Items of power always introduce some measure of peril to the world. This is doubly true with Daedric artifacts. They exist to carry out the dark intentions of their creators, you see? They turn even the best intentions to malice eventually."
Why do you think this one is so good at hiding from you? "That is the question, isn't it? I trained for centuries on the isle of Artaeum, briefly under Sotha Sil himself. Yet this artifact still eludes me. Vexing is the word. Either this artifact is shrouded by a powerful ward, or it isn't here."
Isn't here? "It might be tucked away in a pocket plane, or caught in some aurbic gyre―bouncing between worlds. Impossible to say. That's why I need the lantern and the lens."

"The images revealed by the Obscuros leave little room for doubt―the Daedric artifact we seek is somewhere inside the Clockwork City. Why would Sotha Sil allow such an item to enter his domain? I fear that something terrible has happened."

Can you tell me more about this Clockwork City? "Yes, of course. I sometimes forget that this is not common knowledge. Sotha Sil, brother to Vivec and magus of the Tribunal, created the Clockwork City long ago. He rarely speaks of it, but scholars believe this city has the power to remake Tamriel."
Remake Tamriel? What do you mean? "The city functions as a simulacrum of the corporeal plane. Making a change to the Clockwork City may well change some aspect of Tamriel itself. This is all speculative, but I've studied under Sotha Sil. I have no doubt that this is within his power."
So if someone took over Clockwork City, they could change or even destroy Tamriel?
"Indeed. An unwelcome prospect, to be sure. Normally I would assure you that Sotha Sil has the situation well in hand. He is a friend to the Psijics, and to the people of Tamriel. But the presence of this Daedric artifact gives me pause."
So what do you plan to do? "I must inform the Psijic Ritemaster. If Daedra have breached the gates of the Clockwork City, we must move swiftly. As for you, I would counsel vigilance. Whoever set these events in motion no doubt sees you as a threat. Take this, and my thanks."

"We employ the most powerful scrying device in Tamriel, and all it yields is more questions. Hmm. A perfect metaphor for the scholarly life, I suppose."

You sound tired. Are you all right? "I wish I could say yes. I fear that in destroying my shadow, we've destroyed some vital part of my animus. I feel... thin. Diminished. A weakened Psijic is still a formidable mage, but something is definitely broken. Best not to think about it."
I guess Bonafryd was a powerful mage after all. "So, you knew our attacker? Hmm. She was powerful indeed, and yet I sense that strength was not her own. Her form was clumsy, but she struck with the power of a master wizard. Usually, I'd suspect posession. But with her? I'm not so certain."
What do you mean? "Someone granted her powers beyond her ken. An agent of Oblivion, no doubt. Bonafryd was clearly filled with hatred. Consumed by jealousy or resentment, perhaps? The Daedra can twist those passions into untold horrors. I pity her."
How do you know so much about Sotha Sil? "Well, no one really knows Sotha Sil―not even the other members of the Tribunal. I studied under him for a time. He was patient, surprisingly attentive―the perfect teacher in many respects. Even so, I never really felt that I knew him."
What can you tell me about him? "Beyond the obvious? Not much. I can tell you he's nothing like Vivec. He never spoke about himself or the Dark Elf faith. I always got the sense that he... well, resented isn't the right word. He just seemed ambivalent about that part of his life."
And the Clockwork City? Did he talk about that? "Only obliquely, and mostly in metaphor. It's his primary pursuit now. Some say it's his obsession. You see, despite all his power, there is a melancholy to him. It's unfortunate, but not surprising. True wisdom always brings some measure of despair."
You mentioned a Psijic Ritemaster. Who is that? "I must admit, I am unaccustomed to to discussing such matters with people outside our order, but I think you've more than earned the privilege. Ritemaster Iachesis directs the Psijics. He rivals Sotha Sil in wisdom, if not in power."
Isn't Sotha Sil something like a god? "Something like, yes. The Old Ways give little credence to such titles. What is a god other than exceptionally powerful agent? Anyway, power is overrated. Wisdom is the true measure of a person. In that regard, Iachesis is great indeed."
Could I meet him? "Someday, perhaps. The Psijic Order's isle of Artaeum is no longer here. It may return in time, but for now, you'd probably have an easier time reaching Aetherius or realms beyond. The order values solitude, much like Sotha Sil."

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