"I trained our daughter Lilja as a healer... to one day tend the Shrine of Talos and replace me as a Priestess of Talos. When the fighting began over the White-Gold Concordat, she ran off to join the Stormcloaks. She had her father's fire, how could I say no?"
Nura Snow-Shod[src]

Lilija Snow-Shod was a female Nord member of the Stormcloaks. She was the daughter of the former Stormcloak, Vulwulf Snow-Shod and Nura Snow-Shod, the priestess of Talos in Riften.

Lilija was originally meant to replace her mother as priestess of Talos in Riften, from who she learned the healing arts. When the Skyrim Civil War broke out in 4E 176, Lilija left to join the Stormcloaks, and served as a Battle Maiden.[1] As a Battle Maiden, she healed those who fell in battle, never lifting a sword to fight.[1] Only a few months after Lilija had joined the Stormcloaks, a fight between the Imperial Legion and Stormcloaks resulted in her death.[2] What happened with her body after the fight is contradicted, Lilija's father states she was left in the mud,[1] while her mother says she was burned after her death.[2] News of her death, however, only arrived to the Snow-Shod family in 4E 201,[3] who miss her dearly.[3][2][1]

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